Brownback? More Like ‘Brown Shirt’

November 25, 2011

From the Wichita Eagle – and Wichita, as we know, is in Kansasreich:

Emma Sullivan, a senior at Shawnee Mission East High School in Prairie Village, was in Topeka on Monday as part of Kansas Youth in Government, a program for students interested in politics and government.

During the session, in which Brownback addressed the group, Sullivan posted on her personal Twitter page:

“Just made mean comments at gov brownback and told him he sucked, in person #heblowsalot”

On Tuesday, Sullivan was called to her principal’s office and told that the tweet had been flagged by someone on Brownback’s staff and reported to organizers of the Youth in Government program.

Sadly, the principal will skate through this controversy on the old ‘it happened on school time at a school-affiliated event’ chestnut.

But Gov. Brownshirt?

“We monitor social media so we can see what Kansans are thinking and saying about the governor and his policies,” [Brownback spokeswoman Sherriene] Jones-Sontag said.


There’s nothing unreasonable about that.


[H]er office had forwarded a copy of Sullivan’s tweet to organizers of the school-sponsored event “so that they were aware what their students were saying in regards to the governor’s appearance.

In other words, she did it in retaliation for dissent.

Sullivan, 18, said she posted the comment because she doesn’t agree with Brownback’s policies, particularly recent cuts in state aid to schools. She is a registered Democrat.

Yup.  Gotta make sure that them uppity teenagers – particularly the ones who are old enough to have the constitutional right to vote – know what’s going to happen if they ever disagree with the revealed wisdom of the christo-corporatist elite.

Also among her tweets:

Just found out justin bieber raps in his christmas album… #mixedfeelings

I’m surprised the Bieberblockheads haven’t started a campaign for her removal from free society.

I suspect that, if requested, Gov. Brownshirt would send the Kansas state police to aid in the effort.

Be Productive This Thanksgiving: Starve the Koch Beast

November 24, 2011

Mr. Nocera, May I Suggest That Your Next Two Columns Be About the Human Rights Campaign and the National Center for Transgender Equality?

November 22, 2011

And then, hopefully, a tradition will be born.  From TPM Muckraker:

Steven J. Baum P.C., a firm that specialized in foreclosures, is closing its doors a month after photos showing employees celebrating Halloween by dressing like the homeless surfaced in a New York Times column by Joe Nocera. Nocera wrote a follow up column this weekend, in which he quoted an angry email he received from Mr. Baum himself. The firm announced the shuttering via press release and was reported by the NYT:

“Disrupting the livelihoods of so many dedicated and hardworking people is extremely painful, but the loss of so much business left us no choice but to file these notices,” said Mr. Baum in a press release issued on Monday. A firm spokesman said it would have no further comment beyond the release…On Saturday, Joe Nocera, The Times columnist who originally wrote about the firm’s Halloween party, published another column about the controversy. In it, he quoted an e-mail that Mr. Baum had sent him last week.

“Mr. Nocera — You have destroyed everything and everyone related to Steven J. Baum PC,” said the letter. “It took 40 years to build this firm and three weeks to tear down.”

Memo to Bamm Baum: Some things need to be, as you so laughably put it, “destroyed.”   And now a question: Did it take you more, or less, than “three weeks” to plan that Halloween party last year?

A Historian Stands Up to One of the Imperial Dwarves of the Koch Party

November 21, 2011

Yes, there’s a school in Houston that might sneak into the BCS picture – and it ain’t Rice.  On the other hand, it wasn’t a U of H prof who rhetorically decapitated one of the oil and gas industry’s congressional munchkins and then shit down his neck.

From the Houston Chronk (which, surprisingly, currently has this as its bleeding lead):

A Rice University [History] professor didn’t shy away from telling an Alaska Republican who he worked for — the taxpayer.

During a hearing on drilling in the Arctic National Wildlife Refuge, Rep. Don Young called Rice University professor Douglas Brinkley’s testimony “garbage,” but Young mistakenly called the professor “Dr. Rice.”

“It’s Dr. Brinkley, Rice University is a university,” Brinkley said. “I know you went to Yuba (Community) College…”

Young, who was visibly angry, countered by saying, “I’ll call you anything I want to call you when you in that chair. You just be quiet.”

Brinkley, of course, didn’t take those comments lightly.

“You don’t own me,” the professor said. “I pay your salary. I work for the private sector and you work for the taxpayer.”

But, of course, there are always the dung-gatherers of the future standing by ably to defend their oppressors:

Brinkley was in their house, he was on their turf, he needed to be respectful and obey their rules.

I found Brinkley’s bio, still do not understand what makes him an expert on ANWR. He’s written a lot of books on WW II.

How did he end up in front of this committee ?

Gee, “Dollar,” why don’t you ask the Republican chairman of the committee appointed by the Republican leadership of the Republican-controlled House of Representatives?

Destructive is as Destructive Does

November 20, 2011


If you’ve got nothing constructive to say, then let someone else talk while you listen.

I’m grumpy, but I try to offer solutions too.

Also Shillerico:

They’re in the queue.

In-Depth In-Accuracy and In-Competence…All in a Day’s Work in Faux Gay News Land

November 20, 2011

You remember Stampp Corbin, don’t you?  Gay America’s answer to Michael Steele?

Our community’s problem, the cacophony of voices should be a choir. Instead, we have differing opinions that are always voiced, no matter the consequences. No issue is too small, “oh my God they changed the wording on the White House website,” or too big, “ENDA without the T is throwing the entire community under a proverbial bus,” for our leaders to rear their ugly heads in the blogosphere. Of course, many of us don’t agree on a myriad of issues. Yet, we refuse to anoint a few organizations as our voice because that would mean their leadership is the leadership of our movement. Oh no, no one can be crowned the Martin Luther King of the LGBTQIQAA movement!

How much longer will we tolerate the infighting that is to the detriment of our community? How long will we let a blogger with 50 readers present himself as a voice of our community?

We need a charismatic leader to take the helm and lead us to equality. In the meantime, I’ll just listen to Ella sing the song of our discontent.

Yes, but how often would Ella Fitzgerald look at the lyric sheet for, say, “I Got Rhythm” and think – not to mention try to convince others – that it was actually the lyric sheet for “Mack the Knife”?

And…had she ever had the opportunity, how many of you think that Ella, if presented with an accurate history both of what HRC has never done for trans people and what it actually has done to trans people, would try to convince people that:

HRC is the organization that put the T in LGBT, when other organizations did not have the courage to do so.

and then double down by claiming that “I Got Rythym” was “Stairway to Heaven”?

The reality is that when HRC put the T in LGBT for the HRC organization it was helpful to the entire transgender community.

Wilchins-Quisling scoreboard.

But there’s more to this than that.  If the Rhode Island Avenue Cesspool doesn’t manage to find a token trans tom to be its next moneygrubbet-in-chief, its likely to be Corbin.  Now, note what Corbin is currently the “charismatic leader” of:


Yes, I can only imagine that the dictionary justifying the use of “our” in there was published Buermeyer Press, and cranked out on a mimeo machine in a janitor’s closet at HRC HQ.

Believe it or not, though, none of the above is mere piling on to HRC’s likely future moneygrubber-in-chief-whose-presence-as-moneygrubber-in-chief-will-insulate-HRC-from-charges-that-it-is-really-the-human-whites-campaign.

By now, we all know about how the Janice Raymond alien finally burst through Massachusetts’ chest a few days ago in the form of the Brennan-Hungerford Trans-Exterminationism Act of 2011.

Here is what Stampp Corbin’s Sandiego Rag had to say about it:

I’m screen-snapping the entire piece because context matters.  The text, by itself is bad enough:

An important bill that will protect transgendered Massachusettians passed both house and state legislature Wednesday and is pending signage into legislation by Gov. Deval Patrick, who supports the bill. The pending legislation will protect transgender people from hate crimes, violence, and discrimination.

Really, oh LGBT weakly media ghodz?  It will actually protect trans people from hate crimes and violence?  48 years ago (minus 2 days), Texas had a law against murder and attempted murder; I don’t seem to recall that doing much in the way of protecting John F. Kennedy or John Connally.

But that’s the low-hanging fruit of that paragraph.

How about….


Without modifiers of limitation?


I guess I missed that bill’s passage – as, I bet, everyone in the photo did.

I’m actually a bit torn on criticizing this.  On one hand, I have to applaud the subversive nature of cribbing a photo from WingNutDaily.  On the other – and more reality-based – hand, I have to notice that the non-WND portion of the caption indicates that the photo depicts people rallying for passage of “the bill,”  which can only be taken to refer to the non-public-accommodations-inclusive bill that was ramrodded through the legislature in less than 48 hours…

22+ years after Massachusetts gays arrogated to themselves a statutory special right to discriminate against trans people, and 8 years after those same Massachusetts gays made it exceedingly clear what they think of trans people by moving on to gay marriage (and then the St. Patrick’s Day Parade.)

But, lets look closer at the photo:

If you don’t recognize him, that’s Ethan St. Pierre.

Does he look like he’s dressed for any rally that might have taken place outdoors in Massachusetts during the past week?

That’s because the photo not only was not taken during the past week – which means it couldn’t possibly have been a rally in favor of the neo-Jim Crow bill that was ramrodded through last week – it wasn’t even during this legislative session.  I brought it to Ethan’s attention and he recognized the location as Northampton and the vintage being possibly 2009 or 10.

The key, though, is that he – and the others in the photo were rallying for a legitimate bill, unlike the one that was immorally imported from Maryland this week.

“Transgender individuals in Massachusetts face unacceptably high levels of violence and discrimination in their daily lives,” said state Rep. Carl Sciortino Jr. (D). “This bill will extend our statutory civil rights and hate crime protections to the transgender community.”


LGBT weakly missed a real opportunity there – to alert the world that public accommodations apparently no longer falls under the “civil rights” rubric.

The bill was filed in 2007 but endured several oppositions from groups such as the Massachusetts Family Institute which aimed to stop all political efforts for the equalization of homosexual people in the state.

I’m not sure what bothers me more about that sentence:

  • “several oppositions” (grammar, anyone?);
  • “the equalization of homosexual people” (you mean like tax equalization?); or
  • the implication – whether intended or not – that trans people are a subset of “homosexual”

I think I’ll pick door no. 3, Monty.

If the bill is signed into law by Gov. Deval Patrick, bullies  and perpetrators will face criminal offenses if they are convicted of harassment, abuse, discrimination, or violence against transgender people, similar to the way penalties are assessed for those who target people based on the state’s protected rights such as race or religion.

Even if the “harassment, abuse, discrimination, or violence” is against a transsexual woman and stems from attempting to use a women’s restroom that the trans-exterminationists feel that they have an inherent – though devoid of any connection to any aspect of actual ownership -right to control?

This is an epic movement for transgender people in Massachusetts and hallmarks this month’s Transgender Day of Remembrance which is commemorated on Nov. 20.


I’d say nose-pick.

Now, in closing, I want to refer back to the photo – ah the photo.  LGBT weakly notes that it came from christianist hate group Wing Nut Daily – but Ethan recalled seeing the same pic on the website of yet another christianist hate group, Mass Resistance…

which would be the same christianist hate group that responsed to the passage of the Brennan-Hungerford Trans-Extermination Act of 2011 with, among other things, this:

Hmmm…Mass Resistance also implies that the Brennan-Hungerford Trans-Extermination Act of 2011 will somehow provide trans people with a cause of action for this form of public accommodations-based discrimination…

which it won’t.

The difference, however, is that, elsewhere in its cyber-insanity, Mass Resistance actually belches out a sentence that is accurate – at least as to the fact that public accommodations were removed.

The homosexual/transgender lobby is publicly lamenting the removal of the “public accommodations” sections from the final bill.

I’ll believe that the “homosexual” lobby is actually lamenting that removal when I see transsexual women attorneys gainfully employed at HRC, NGLTF, GLAD, NCTE and Lambda Legal.

Meanwhile, its a Fine, Fine day for lamenting what has become of LGBT ‘journalism’…

a day of remembrance of a different sort.

Faux Moral Panic and Conservashlock Media: That’s American Exceptionalism Fer Ya

November 19, 2011


A college that I took a few classes at ages ago but didn’t get a degree from is playing host this week to ESPN’s College Game Day, and…

As of a few minutes ago, this was the bleeding lead at the website of the Houston Chronk.

So, remind me again: The ratio of the number of people ever killed or injured by “F-bombs” to people killed or injured by real bombs is….?

Also, remind me again of how many non-anencephalatic life forms can not, between the bleeding lead and this story body:

Lee Corso, the ESPN analyst whose headgear predictions are the weekly highlight of ESPN’s College GameDay, spiced up his appearance Saturday at the University of Houston with an unscripted F-bomb, followed a few minutes later by an on-air apology.

Corso, 76, who dons one team’s mascot head at the end of the show to predict the winner of the on-campus game – in this case, SMU at Houston – went with the Cougars, but not before an unscripted moment that left his co-hosts doubled over in laughter and, perhaps, a little shock.

After guest picker Carl Lewis went with the Cougars, Corso said, “Carl, how can you pick against SMU? Look at them over there, red, white and blue. U-S-A, U-S-A.”

Corso then picked up an SMU megaphone and held it to his mouth, indicating he was going with the Mustangs, but then tossed it aside, said, “Ah, (bleep) it,” and donned the headgear of Shasta, the UH mascot.

instantaneously ascertain what the word was?

SO WHY NOT JUST SAY WHAT IT WAS?!?!?!?!?!?!?!?!?!?!?!?!?!?!??

After all, what the fuck (gasp!!!!!!!!!) is a more offensive “f-word”: “fuck” as an expletive? Or “fraud” as a government-sanctioned weapon of the corporatist ruling elite?

A bigger screen snap:

Anything there about the corporatist fraudmeisters’ bought-and-paid-for police farces that are shredding the first amendment in a city near you?

How about there?

How about there?

How about there?


And there?

Drayton McLane says Christianity can help your career

Really?  Methinks that it is ‘christianity’ that has led to bloviation about uttering the word “fuck” to have higher precedence over creeping fascism…

Gee, maybe the now-former owner of a Double-A team that masquerades as a major-league team and charges major-league ticket prices has a point.  Its good to be the king corporatist elite.

Fuck it.

Smear and Imbalance

November 16, 2011

The screen snap says plenty, though the analysis from C&L is a contextual exclamation point.

Fox News had a very different opinion on the tea party movement which they used hosts like Greta, Glenn Beck, Sean Hannity, helped shape and create than they do about the OWS protests.

A Park is a Public Accommodation

November 16, 2011


As of today, if he just replaces “faggot” in his vocabulary with “shemale” and drifts over to Massachusetts for the same type of gig, he’ll do just fine.

Houston’s Channel 11 Keeps it Classy

November 15, 2011

If, of course, by “classy,” one means “slanted.”


So Nikki Araguz is taking her marriage case to the Court of Appeals.  What’s the deal, right?  After all, the text of the story is fairly straightforward:

The transgender widow of a Wharton County firefighter appeared in court on Monday to appeal a judge’s ruling that her marriage was invalid.

A judge recently ruled Nikki Araguz’s marriage to Captain Thomas Araguz was not valid because she was born a man, making her ineligible to receive $600,000 in her husband’s death benefits.

Araguz has been fighting with the firefighter’s family over the benefits ever since his death in a blaze at a local egg farm last year.

Thomas Araguz’s family argued that the money should go to the two children he had with his ex-wife.

According to attorneys, it’s likely that the $600,000 in benefits won’t be released until the appeals process is over, and that could take another year.



Someone who is almost as adept as Gloria Allred at the art of getting in front of cameras, and you go with a mugshot to illustrate a story about a marriage validity case?

The fact that she may have earned the mugshot is immaterial; the fact that this arrangement of text and photo looks as though it was put together to impress Roger Ailes by someone angling for a ‘fair and balanced’ gig at Fox ‘News’ is.


and not only is KHOU classy, its lazy.

If you can’t make out the URL, it is:

Liberal media….



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