Mitt the Trans-Basher-Lover

May 11, 2012


Kudos to The John for being willing to ‘go there’:

Eric Fehrnstrom is called Mitt Romney’s “most trusted” adviser. Well it seems that Mr. Romney’s most trusted adviser is alleged to have “glee”-fully outed a transgender women, ending her career in politics.  This from GQ:

Fehrnstrom saved his cheap shots for smaller-time Massachusetts pols. When a political activist and gadfly named Althea Garrison was elected to the Massachusetts House of Representatives, the fact that she was transgender was an open secret in Boston political circles. But Fehrnstrom was the first one to put that information into print—“I can remember his glee when he found the birth certificate,” says former Herald reporter Robert Connolly—thus bringing a swift end to Garrison’s future on Beacon Hill.

Two things need to be added.

(1) The term “gadfly” is actually a bit of an understatement for a description of Garrison the politician (plus, though not out, she is – as far as anyone knows – the first and only trans person to serve as a member of an American state legislature.)

(2) Garrison is African-American.


And, as a bonus, Mitt (or, rather, his “brain”) isn’t just homophobic, transphobic, and racist…

there’s also a nice dose of misogyny:

[Fehrnstrom's] biggest scoop of all came in December 1989, when he received a tip that Evelyn Murphy, Dukakis’s lieutenant governor, who was running to succeed him, was vacationing on Sanibel Island in Florida during budget talks. Together with a photographer, he flew from freezing Boston to sunny Sanibel and staked her out. They eventually ambushed Murphy while she was jogging, leading to an unflattering picture of her in her running shorts on the Herald’s front page—”her middle-aged thighs flouncing across 300,000 newspapers,” as Fehrnstrom would later describe it. The photograph helped end her political career.

Etch that sketch, Mittens.

Ah Yes, Those Thrilling Days of Yesteryear…

May 10, 2012

or, perhaps, even just last week. 


AFA spokeshater Bryan Fischer was giddy with excitement today over the resignation of gay Romney spokesman Richard Grenell, Right Wing Watch reports, calling it a “huge win” for the “pro-family” community .


It was just last week that many (if not all) of the same people who are now praising Obama for ‘giving in’ (for lack of a better term) on same-sex marriage  to Gay Marriage, Inc., were ridiculing Mitt the Flip for giving in to the christianist right on the Grenell de facto firing?

James ‘perpetual Sling Blade impersonation’ Carville has issues, but he isn’t, well, actually Sling Blade.  It might be worthwhile to listen to what he has to say regarding the ongoing 2012 campaign:

A long time ago a great three-time governor of Louisiana, Earl Long, said about Jimmie Davis, the two-time not very good governor of Louisiana, “You couldn’t wake up Jimmie Davis with an earthquake.”

As I go around the country and see various Democrats and talk to them on the phone, honestly I’m beginning to think that we have become the party of Jimmie Davis.

My message is simple: WTFU. Translated — wake the you-know-what up, there is an earthquake.

Newsflash: Nothing is in the bag. Nothing can be taken for granted. Everybody from the precinct door-knocker, to the Chicago high command, to the White House, to the halls of Congress, to the Senate and House committees, to congressional leadership, here is a simple message: If we don’t get on the offense, reconnect with the American people, talk about how the middle class is in a struggle for its very existence, hold the Republicans accountable and fight like the dickens, we are going to lose.

You can shoot five Bin Ladens, you can save 10,000 banks and 20 car companies, even pass the most sweeping legislation in modern American history; if people don’t think that you are connected to their lives and are fighting for their interests they will vote your tush out of office in a nano-second. For historical reference see Winston Churchill election of 1945 and President George H.W. Bush in 1992.

Let me do some editing on that last paragraph, James:

You can shoot five Bin Ladens, you can save 10,000 banks and 20 car companies, even pass the most sweeping legislation in modern American history, even go farther than any president has on same-sex marriage; if people don’t think that you are connected to their lives and are fighting for their interests they will vote your tush out of office in a nano-second. For historical reference see Winston Churchill election of 1945 and President George H.W. Bush in 1992.

Now I pose a question: Assuming that President Obama’s in-the-wake-of-the-North-Carolina-amendment-passing endorsement of same-sex marriage does tip the scale against him in November and we end up with President Romney and three more christianist Supreme Court justices, who among Gay, Inc. will accept the blame for not being able to wait until after the election to force the issue?

Knowing That None of Your Five Millionaire-From-Birth Sons Will Ever Get Any Closer to an Iraq Battlefield Than Utah….

May 6, 2012

Doubly priceless.

Dixie Chicks Scoreboard, Dave

May 1, 2012

Did Rupert Murdoch buy the NY Times along with the Wall Street Journal?

In a sign of growing desperation among anti-Palestinian groups, a New York Times ad published [last week] likens the boycott, divestment and sanctions (BDS) movement to the Holocaust.

“The Holocaust began with boycotts of Jewish stores and ended with death camps,” begins the ad, placed by notorious anti-African American and Islamophobic agitator David Horowitz.

Citing the murder of three Jewish children and a rabbi in Toulouse, France earlier this year, the ad says, “it is time for supporters of the Boycott, Divestment and Sanctions movement (BDS) to ask themselves what they did to contribute to the atmosphere of hate that spawned these and other murders of Jews.”

Something tells me that Dave sang a different tune – or none at all – when the pro-Bush-junta media machine engaged in its open and notorious boycott (and divestment from the airwaves) of the Dixie Chicks for their opposition to the false-pretense war against Iraq (and we won’t mention Bill O-Lie-ly’s pathetic boycott of France.)

As for the Times?

One hundred and forty-eight US college professors signed a letter objecting to an advertisement in The New York Times by notorious racist David Horowitz naming indvidual faculty members at several US colleges and accusing them of inciting murder of Jewish children, and likening the movement to boycott Israel (BDS) to Nazism.

The Times, however, failed to print it.


More Christianists Demanding Special Rights

April 30, 2012

From the Houston Chronk:

The Friendly Atheist reports that two movie theaters in the Greater Dallas area aren’t allowing clips by a local atheist group to run in their theaters.

The Green Oaks Movie Tavern in Arlington rejected last month an ad from the Dallas-Fort Worth Coalition of Reason, citing a policy against religious advertising, and now the Angelika Film Center in Plano has rescinded an initial decision to run the ad, even though it has accepted ads from churches.

Zachary Moore, who leads the Coalition of Reason chapter,  told the local CBS affiliate Angelika had received complaints from Christians….

And, now, the money shot:

[Dallas attorney Stewart Thomas] says, “it seems to me the public accommodation is to attend the theater and watch the movie everyone has the right to watch the movie. I’m not sure the theater has to sell to anyone that wants to buy advertising.”

Uh huh….


Creepier Than Ann Coulter – And For All The Same Reasons

April 22, 2012

[W]hile liberal women may praise Ann for (at least) getting herself an education, where is the praise for Ann’s best decision of all — to marry well?Progressives like Hilary Rosen, who lambasted Ann Romney on economic issues for being a stay-at-home mom, would presumably prefer women to be dependent on the state for health care and housing .

But by marrying wealthy, Ann made a truly empowering decision that allowed her the freedom to do whatever she wanted.

That would be S.E. Cupp.  As Digby observes:

Evidently Cupp is looking for a wealthy, patriarchal throwback to take her away from all this and there are probably a few available. Sadly, being in her 30s she’s pretty much out of the running for anyone younger than 60 or so. (Rich male “providers” of all ages tend to prefer the younger ones.) She missed her “Romney window” a long time ago.

Maybe something else put her out of the running as well.

“One of the few ex-cons that did more harm after getting out of prison”

April 21, 2012

That’s Wayne Besen on holier-than-thou Watergate felon Chuck Colson, who has finally done something useful for the world by ceasing to be a part of it:

He was described as the “evil genius” of the Nixon administration, and spent the better part of a year in prison for a Watergate-related conviction. His proclamations following his release that he was a new man, redeemed by his religious faith, were met with more than skepticism by those angered at the abuses he had perpetrated as one of Nixon’s hatchet men.

But Charles “Chuck” Colson spent the next 35 years steadfast in his efforts to evangelize to a part of society scorned just as he was. And he became known perhaps just as much for his efforts to minister to prison inmates as for his infamy with Watergate.

Colson died Saturday at age 80. His death was confirmed by Jim Liske, chief executive of the Lansdowne, Va.-based Prison Fellowship Ministries that Colson founded.

…and which uses your tax money to coerce prisoners – who the state won’t protect from being sodomized by other prisoners – into giving up their right not to be sodomized by religionism.

Hell, of course, is just a big of a myth as god, compassionate conservatism, Sarah Palin’s brain, the existence of trans protections under Maryland statutory sex discrimination law, the usefulness of anyone named Romney, and the post-Watergate redemption of Colson.  However, I’ll chip in a few bucks to help build one just to ensure that Colson rots and burns in it.

In Praise of the Internet

April 20, 2012

Seen recently at the Vancouver Sun – and elsewhere on the intertoobs:

Wow. Thanks to Ann Romney for making Sarah Palin look good. Here’s what she said earlier this week at a Moms for Mitt group near Philadelphia.

“Why should women be paid equal to men? Men have been in the working world a lot longer and deserve to be paid at a higher rate.

“Heck, I’m a working mom and I’m not paid a dime. I depend on my husband to provide for me and my family, as should most women… and if a woman does work, she should be happy just to be out there in the working world and quit complaining that she’s not making as much as her male counterparts.

“I mean really, all this wanting to be equal nonsense is going to be detrimental to the future of women everywhere. Who’s going to want to hire a woman, or for that matter, even marry a woman who thinks she is the same, if not better than a man at any job. It’s almost laughable.

“C’mon now ladies, are you with me on this?”

No Ann, we’re not.

Now, I don’t doubt for one nano second that those quotes represent what Ann ‘I’m the white daughter of a white millionaire and I married a white millionaire and cranked out five white boys, so of course I know what its like to raise non-white children while being non-white and making minimum wage’ Romney actually thinks about the class of people that she’s trying to con into voting for her husband.


I do have trouble believing that she’s sufficiently untrained to speak that freely with her master’s husband’s self-declared birthright on the line in the upcoming election.

Thus far, other than that Vancouver Sun blog posting…

…I’m tending to see that quote pasted onto facebook posts and in places like the Drudge Retort (yes, it fooled me too.) Consequently, I suspect that the quote might not be real.

But, I’m simply reporting what I’ve seen elsewhere; the fact that its out there is a story unto itself, don’tcha know – and, in all honesty, I think Ann ‘I’m the white daughter of a white millionaire and I married a white millionaire and cranked out five white boys, so of course I know what its like to raise non-white children while being non-white and making minimum wage’ Romney should be forced to admit or deny making the statement…

and, of course, if she denies it – she should be asked if, nevertheless, the content thereof is actually what she believes.

A Reminder for Those Being Swayed by the Con Artists Trying to Convince America that Mitt Romney is a ‘Moderate’….

April 19, 2012

…I give you Robert Bork.

Actually, Mitt Romney wants to give you what Robert Bork wanted to do to the nation.

Who is Robert Bork? He’s the co-chair of Mitt Romney’s Justice Advisory Committee.

[He's] a legal activist so extreme his own supreme court nomination was rejected by a bipartisan coalition 25 years ago in the senate. robert bork defended poll taxes and literacy tests for voters. and he called the civil rights act unsurpassed [ugliness]. he believes that politicians should be able to outlaw birth control . he believes that the first amendment shouldn’t apply to literature, art or science. bork believes that the constitution’s promise of equal protection doesn’t apply to women. that a corporation can tell female employees to be sterilized or be fired.

Romneyism: Slouching toward theocracy.

I Guess Its a Good Thing For Mr. Malek That George Zimmerman Wasn’t Yet Born, Eh?

April 13, 2012

The straight line to that punchline:

In 1959, a police officer in Peoria, Illinois, discovered five young men acting about as suspiciously as a person could act in one of the city’s parks.

The background:

Eventually, Frederick Malek and his buddies sheepishly admitted that they’d been drinking earlier that night, and one of the group admitted to beating, killing, and preparing the dog for the spit in some sort of totally fucked up attempt to teach his friends about living off the land. Malek swore he had nothing to do with the dog murder, aside from the fact that he just stood around while his friend fucking beat a dog to death.

Malek would later go on to serve as one of Nixon’s Jew-spotters after our paranoid nut of a 37th President determined that the Bureau of Labor Statistics had become overrun with Chosen People.

Now, the punchier punchline – owing to the current connection of Malek, an underling of Tricky Dick and Daddy Bush, to a guy who is known to have treated a dog in a manner that, had Seamus been able to articulate such, probably would have had him begging to be barbecued just to get it all over with:

Presidential hopeful Mitt Romney, who once strapped his dog to the roof of the family station wagon before embarking on a road trip, has again chosen to thumb his nose at the all-important dog vote by throwing a fundraising birthday party for his wife Ann at the house of Frederick Malek….

In the words of Keith Olbermann:  Michael Vick.

After all, that may be the only thing that balances out ‘Obama Cave’

Perhaps in Republican-esque honor of Malek and Romney (as well as the city’s closet-case congressman), the Chicago Cubs’ single-A farm team will rename itself from the Peoria Chiefs to, say…, the Peoria Pugs?

Its just a thought.


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