Surprise, Surprise: Hilary Rosen is in Barney’s Corner

And the Huffington Post allows yet another piece that, at the very least, rationalizes giving gays and lesbians a federal right to discriminate against trans people.

Several years ago it became clear that protections were needed in the workplace not just for gays and lesbians but also for transgendered people, so additional language was added last year to do just that.

Uh huh – after more than several years of your HRC (the organization headed for a good number of those years by your former partner, Elizabeth Birch) subverting the efforts of trans people to make our case to Congress.

By now, most interested people know that the House Leadership anticipated a lack of support for the gender identity provisions and stripped them from the Bill that moved out of the Ed and Labor Committee last week. 

By now, almost all people have asked why, if this was even remotely considered to be a problem, an inclusive bill was introduced in the first instance – and all of those people are still waiting for an answer.

Rep. Tammy Baldwin will offer an amendment to put that provision back in the bill. It’s chances of passage are slim even tough many good people are working to push it through.

Are ya actually counting Barney Frank in that number?  I’m, like, kinda not doing so – and I’m not alone.

When good and fair-minded members of Congress support final passage because they didn’t have a chance to vote on a whole bill, they must be appreciated for their efforts, not made to feel as though they have just sunken LGBT civilization. Why would we want Tammy Baldwin and our countless other friends in Congress to have to vote WITH Rep. John Boehner to kill a gay rights bill?

Ummmmmm…here’s why: Because it is a bill that is NOT neutral to trans rights; it will very likely extinguish the thin patina of protection that some federal circuits have seen on us because of Title VII; and it absolutely will legitimize every future attempt to enact state and local legislation that gives gays and lesbians the right to discriminate against trans people. 

How could we in good conscience ask her to do that?

Why don’t you ask Barney Frank?

Why don’t you ask your ex?

Why don’t you ask all of her former employees at HRC?

They’re the ones who have created this menage a transphobique.

3 Responses to Surprise, Surprise: Hilary Rosen is in Barney’s Corner

  1. kynn says:

    Also, I believe that the courts look at legislative intent when deciding what laws meant. If a plaintiff’s lawyer argues that her client was discriminated against because she was perceived as gay, can’t the defendant’s lawyers simply claim that it’s a case of gender identity — which Congress specifically choose to exclude? And therefore they weren’t intending to offer protection to anyone based on whether they “act gay,” but rather on who they have sex with.

    I’m not a lawyer, but it seems to me that this is part of the loophole that Lambda Legal and others have warned us about.

  2. […] this?  It was my take on a piece by Elizabeth Birch’s ex, Hilary Rosen, entitled “Bad […]

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