And, Yes…More of ‘Classic HRC’

From New York trans activist Donna Cartwright (posted here with permission):

So I’m standing in the video store this morning, trying to figure out if the clerk behind the counter is trans, when my cell phone rings. It’s a fund-raiser for HRC. He tells me (obviously reading from a prepared script)  about how the hate crimes bill passed Congress last month, and now there’s a great opportunity to pass another bill, the Employment Non-Discrimination Act, that would outlaw job discrimination against the LGBT community nationwide. He goes on to say that “we” (HRC) “are going all out to pass this bill” (or words to that effect) “so that we will have not one but two great victories for the LGBT community this year.”

I stopped him to say that the ENDA bill before Congress is NOT inclusive of the T part of the LGBT community. Only momentarily flustered, he shifts to another part of his script and says how important it is to get this victory and HRC remains fully committed to protecting the entire LGBT community . . . At that point I stopped him and said that I would not be contributing to HRC any more until it gets fully
aboard with trans inclusion, and then hung up.

So, of course, this is a completely different message than HRC is giving the trans community and its allies. The caller said nothing about HRC not supporting HR 3685. In fact, it sounded very much like HRC fully supports HR 3685 and is pulling out all the stops for it. Seems like they have a different line (or perhaps, lie) for every different group they talk to. Have I mentioned that HRC sucks?

Oh – Donna checked the number from which the call originated.  A call to it was answered “by a recording for Telefund, ‘professional fund-raisers for political and nonprofit groups.'” 

Yep – you can take the HRC out of the HRC, but…

Oh, wait – you can’t do that, can you?  An HRC without lying, duplicity and transphobia is like a fish without a bicycle.

HRC is and will always be what HRC always was: a cesspool of transphobia. 

2 Responses to And, Yes…More of ‘Classic HRC’

  1. dyssonance says:

    I would absolutely *love* to go to washington and lobby for t inclsuive bills.

    I’d even do it on behalf of HRC — so long as they footed the bills.

    I’m well versed in the subject, an excellent and “acceptable” physically individual, capable of speaking clearly and answering the myriad questions that would arise.

    HRC no longer has any T members or staff.

    I’ll step in there. On my terms.

    As a T, and with the understanding that *nothing* isn’t inclusive.

    We started this whole thing. They just don’t like to remember that at times.

    Thankfully, there are over 350 other organizations that do understand that. Some of them older, larger, and more influential than the HRC.

  2. translegalhistorian says:

    If HRC actually wanted to legitimately employ knowledgeable, competent, experienced trans people to ‘do the educating’ on trans issues, HRC has loooooooooooooooooong known where to find us.

    The problem is that HRC knows that such people actually *will* do such educating – and thats not something HRC actually wants done or has ever wanted done.

    So – what do we get?

    Token BOD members, double-token employees, T ’employees’ who (if they actually exist) are more invisible than many trans women were in the 1960s, lesbians who conveniently claim to identify as trans when it will get a trans crowd to put down their torches and pitchforks but who actively work against trans issues, shills, fake organizations – and non-trans straight employees pushing the issue that has harmed more trans people than anything: gay marriage.

    I don’t know what is worse – HRC itself, or those trans people who have spent the last few years conning other trans people into believing that HRC was getting better.

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