We Win

From Becky Juro over at Bilerico:

I continue to believe that the best, safest path to equality for all LGBT Americans is the same as it is for the Democrats: Shelve the bill, let the issue and the advocates cool down over the next couple of years, and then come back to it when there’s a real chance of actually seeing this thing become law. With a strong Democratic majority and a Democratic President, an inclusive ENDA will likely pass with little problem or complaint from anyone but the right-wing extremists who’s influence in Washington will have left the federal political process right along with George and Dick. When you take the time to really think it through, you know that this is the only possible path Congressional Democrats can take that offers the possibility of a real win for everyone, or even anyone, who wants to see this bill become law.

Two years is a long time, more than enough for the task ahead of us. We who are gender-variant are no longer teaching America who we are and what we’re about, we’ve progressed to the next class in the curriculum, why it’s right, fair, and fully in keeping with American values that we be protected against discrimination in the workplace. Indeed, it’s fair to say that in this we’re now in the same relative place as conventionally-gendered gays and lesbians are and have been for some time now. As loathe as some may be to admit it, we’ve not only caught up, but we’ve done it in an unbelievably short amount of time as compared to the rest of the community.

In short: We win.

No, we haven’t actually rid the world of the diseased creation of Barney Frank that is currently masquerading as ENDA.  But – and I will confess that this has actually surprised me – we appear to have rid the world of the mindset behind it, at least so far as it is the monolith of antidiscrimination gaypolitik.  It is still there – but it is rapidly coming to be seen as being simply a DBA for the loud mouths and keyboards of a handful of privileged, white non-trans gays.

Yes, its still dangerous – but only in the same way that a DVD of Gigli coated with anthrax would be.  Dangerous?  Yes.  But, at the end of the day, its still Gigli.

And, at the end of the day, John Aravosis is still what John Aravosis was, Chris Crain is still what Chris Crain was, and Barney Frank is still what Barney Frank was.

And ‘incremental progress’ is what it always was: a lie.

We’ve won.

For this, we need not thank Congress. The change we are seeing there is the result of our community’s own hard work and our ever-increasing presence in the media.

Unfortunately, Becky has some (undeserved, IMHO) kind words for HRC along with the following not-so-kind ones:

HRC are sellouts, they’re liars, they’re self-involved elitists who care little or nothing for the working class majority….

Yes, allegedly there actually was some pro-trans activity on the part of HRC – but, when you get caught speeding, you don’t get to claim all the other times you’ve actually driven at or below the speed limit as a nullification factor.  Likewise, no amount of allegedly doing the right thing will ever make up for the malicious political crimes that HRC has committed against the trans community over the last decade+.

One Response to We Win

  1. Rebecca Juro says:

    I agree, Kat, but I also think that while HRC is wrong probably 98% of the time, there is that 2% they get right, not because they’re necessarily doing so on our behalf (in fact, almost certainly not), but because opening the lines of communication between the LGBT community and Congress was required to further their own agenda. Like it or not, until now their reach has exceeded our own in this, but the good thing is that now we use those lines ourselves to advance the inclusive agenda HRC refuses to actively support.

    In a way, it’s kind of ironic. A while back, I wrote that we need to take away HRC’s gatekeeper status, even if we had to rip that key out of their hands by force. I believe United ENDA is effectively doing exactly that, and we have the visible increase in Congressional support for an inclusive ENDA to show for it. In twisted kind of way, HRC may indeed prove to have been instrumental in ensuring that no one gets left out of the ENDA that eventually does pass, even though that clearly was not their intent.

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