But Not Trans Rights

Barney Frank, quoted in Politico, about Larry Craig:

“You have a right to privacy but not hypocrisy,” Frank said. “During the period that I was closeted for seven years, I was always a gay rights supporter. I think it’s a fundamental violation of principles to vote one way and act another.”

No – I’m not implying Frank is T (I don’t even want to contemplate the possibility – even for a nanosecond), but I am asking folks to think about him voting one way (or, setting up what can be voted on) and acting a different way.

Can you think of an example?

I knew you could.

One Response to But Not Trans Rights

  1. Kathy says:

    He’s so concerned about rest rooms and sexual minorities that he agrued against including some groups in civil rights laws – just because of who they are.

    But he votes for some peoples civil rights even though there’s a new story every week about gay men misbehaving in rest rooms?
    He’s concerned about some in rest rooms around children – but he never mentions concern about others having sex in bathrooms when kids might be there?

    Or – were you thinking of something else?

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