New Motto for Washington State: The Hypocritical Nutcase Politician State?

This is quasi-ENDA-related.

First, Jim West; now this.  I guess it would only be more appropriate if the guy’s name was Artemus Gordon – the guy is a cross-dresser on top of everything else.  (Okay – I guess it would be more appropriate if his name was Rudy Giuliani.)

Here’s the federal ENDA connection: Aravosis.  Now, I can ‘t say that I actually disagree with what The John currently has to say about this over at AmericaSlog.  The stickiness comes with the comments to his post.

thank god john won’t have to worry about
him being covered under ENDA.

But, of course, he is covered under Washington State’s T-inclusive rights law – that was T-inclusive in the first instance.

Glad somebody said it.. over 100 posts and John didn’t say anything good or bad on this.. it would be nice if the nasty rhetoric against TG people would end here 😦

Don’t count on it.  The John is what The John is.

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