Oh, Fuck You, John Aravosis

Is there really any other reply that one can make to the transphobic gays-only-rights blogger?

This is a post by a guy who claims to be in favor of trans rights, and who says that the “incremental” approach is the best way for trans people to get those rights:

Tammy just pulled her amendment

So much for three weeks of United ENDA screaming that they be permitted to offer this amendment, an amendment to include transgender people in ENDA. Now that they get their chance, now that they get a vote on the amendment they’ve been asking their grassroots to lobby congress in favor of for weeks, Tammy Baldwin pulls the amendment and says it wouldn’t have won anyway.

Kind of makes the entire coalition look not quite ready for prime time.

Funny, that doesn’t sound like an ally to me.

Even a lip-service ally would express regret, would promise to “come back for you later” (even if we all know that’s bogus), would talk about what the strategy is for the future.

Instead, he’s a spoiled, hateful child — the type who, when a supposed ally suffers a defeat, points and laughs at them out of cruelty.

Aravosis is the Nelson Muntz of LGBT blogging.

One Response to Oh, Fuck You, John Aravosis

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