Open Thread: Fuck you, (fill in the blank)

I think some of us need a place to vent. Enjoy. I’ll start us off.

Fuck you, Barney Frank, for offering Democrats a “compromise” that allows them to pretend to do something important while still isolating part of our queer community for being “too queer.”


Update: Oh, just to make it clear: This is a thread where we can get out all our anger so that we can be more productive on this and other blogs.

30 Responses to Open Thread: Fuck you, (fill in the blank)

  1. HappyCat says:

    Barney Frank and HRC,
    Must be concerned about the wat I pee,
    Dropping us Ts I don’t understand,
    but knowing you are a very gay man,
    you don’t know what it means, to have to quat,
    But damn you guys sure miss alot.why you divided us?
    We will no know, but now we are unsure,
    on how low you will go.
    played as a pawn, in your little game,
    To bring forth a bill that was in your name.
    H.R.2015 is what is needed to pass,
    but you failed on that, so kiss my ass.

  2. dyssonance says:

    87 days of time on the clock
    you know, HRC, that’s not a lot
    Took less time than that to betray us all
    For some reason to throw another DC Ball
    Fuck you is what I’d love to say
    But your not my type, so anyway
    Groundwork you wanted, and so you’ll get
    graves for reward — they’re all set

    Frank, you should know, I’ll not shed a tear
    When I move to MA for less than a year
    And work with the enemy I can blend into
    Just to show you what trannies can do
    and when you are ruined, and pulling your hair
    You’ll come to a drugstore, and I’ll be there
    Medicine you’ll want, and get it you shall
    Cause I’ll want you to know that I was that gal
    who you betrayed, and left for dead
    when you go home, and lie in your bed

  3. HappyCat says:

    I am so fucking pissed off, I might vote for a conserative republican, yeah, did the math, how could I make my vote count as two legally? I vaote for Democratic Candidates in the past. Enda was a breaking point for me supporting them, so I though third party. But do the math. minus one vote for a dem to repub. it will take two votes to even out my 1 vote. that means two votes for my swithch, add my friends that will do the same, as we are all issed off 140 votes that were for a democratic candidate, now not only goes away, but for the other side, that means it will take 281 votes to recover and win by one vote. How else to manipulate the vote, get another republican in office, and next time look for a third party. Truly, why the hell shouldn’t we do that, One benefit will be is my vote will count, hell by my math it would count twice, in a way, still legal, than 2010 we can find mid term votes to agree on, but as many want, us Ts out of the LGBT that is one way to do it. We might as well go this route, as we will not be shown which Democratic Representive is willing to vote agaist our civil rights, so fuckem, I will make my vote to get rid of them. HRC stand by your twisted pole numbers to paint a picture your way, I will vote my way, and we will see who wins. Well, that is my take on it. I can’t find the dems that allowed me to be disrcriminated against, so I will work to fire them all. Don’t want to see how true this is, sign as a co-sponsor of HR 2015, and keep your job.

  4. AHiddenSaint says:

    I wrote a rant at dailykos and I still think it sums up my feelings right now.

    You asshole’s just threw the Transgender people under the bus. The Democrats are cowards. They are only willing to give gay people right’s to work. Transgender people have now been thrown UNDER THE BUS.

    Bullshit. Barney Frank’s just allowed the Republicans to create a new wedge issue. Apparently gay right’s can’t be passed unless Transgender people are left out.

    Then why now are you willing to throw us under the Bus if you were able to pull through? Why now do you feel it not right to stand up to these asshole Republicans and pass equal right’s for all? How many of my sister’s now have to die because you aren’t willing to stand up for us as well? It’s just me me me me with these bastard’s and we actually believed we would be included in this. This is a worst betrayal then anything has happen to the GLBT, but apparently it isn’t anymore.

    It’s only the GLB community. Well screw you for betraying us. We faught along side you for equal right’s and marched with you to get equal right’s now you are willing to deny us our right’s just so you can’t get a bill to pass that will be vetoed by Bush? You just gave into the Republicans on dividing a community.

    There you have it people Dem’s and the gay community are willing to throw one group out so another can be protected. The Republican’s have won this and a new wedge issue is created. By not standing up for Transgender’s you are saying equal right’s do not matter. Don’t we have the right to work as well? The gay movement isn’t about civil right’s it is about ME ME ME and not anyone else. We Transgender folks have been thrown out. Now more of my sister’s will die while just a few are protected.

    We were hurt just as well by the passing of anti-gay stuff, yet nobody care’s about us. I’m in tear’s and heartbroken that people are willing to throw us under the bus. If the Gay community won’t support us it’s time to rise up and form our own groups. If this passes I do not see them passing a Transgender bill alone. Before I see another one of my sister’s die I will fight like mad to protect our right’s. Screw the Gay community that is willing to just discard us when they get their way. We can become stronger then them it may take time, but we must because no one is willing to protect us and we will be treated worst then gay’s were now that gay’s will be protected. I hope you are happy Barney Frank’s and John Aravosis. A big Fuck you for betraying us.

  5. DiosaNegra1967 says:

    It’s ALL of us, or NONE of us, damn you! GLB and T!!!!!

    My favorite Aunt was a pre-op T-woman who lived openly in the Black community during the 50s, 60s and 70s — a truly fierce and brave soul she was! At her funeral, when others kept referring to her as “him”, I was the ONLY one who spoke about my AUNT Edith!!! I refused to let her “true” self be forgotten!!!

    You BASTARDS!!! This is the VERY thing that keeps us from Unity!!!

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