Reiterating – Because We’re Right

Let me now reiterate something I said in the comments section of a post at The John’s site.  An ‘incremental progress’ addict posed the question:

[D]o you REALLY think the GLB’s will NOT step up to the plate and pull the Trans on board?

My response:

I know so.

I submit Wisconsin, New York, Massachusetts, Connecticut, Maryland, New Hampshire and Nevada as proof.

No one who believes that the bill that passed today is a victory deserves any protections that it might provide.

That last part seems to have pissed a few people off.

Boo hoo.

One clown said that it showed me to be a “miserable person.”


More interesting was a response to that from Val.

Interesting how a person’s experience-supported pessimism is reduced to simply being a “miserable person.”

I’m glad that ENDA passed the House. It’s a good thing, in and of itself.

But it stirred up a lot of bad, and for some people who’ve been around this bend before, does not sit well. To reverse John’s (and your) snide formulation: it’s sad that you can’t at least see that.

I do have to disagree with Val about the passage of Barney’s ENDA, but she at least sees part (maybe even most) of reality – which puts her miles above most of The John’s sycophants.

Another clown (Timmy T), said “Kiss my ass, Kat.”

Yet another clown remarked (to me): “Charming. That’s really the argument laid bare, isn’t it.”

Yes – it is.  You (collectively) demonize us, you throw us out of the movement we helped to start, you author books calling us rapists for merely existing, you subvert our political viability for decades, you incessantly deny the history that shows that in spite of all of that we’re recognized by twenty times more states than recognize gay marriage, you lie to us to the point of committing flat-out fraud – in short, YOU have created the fake reality in which you can point to ‘facts’ that support your contention that we are less palatable than you.

What makes you think you’ve earned anything other than scorn?

Oh – that’s right. 

You apparently believe Barney Frank – and your own PR.

2 Responses to Reiterating – Because We’re Right

  1. gorgonqueen says:

    Greetings. I’m Val.

    I know, of course, which part of my comment you can’t agree with – and the plain fact that is I have no counter argument. I have reasons for thinking that ENDA has intrinsic merits regardless of the trans-exclusion disaster, but I’ve been following your own writings for long enough to have substantial respect for your own view, and will not speak against it.

    Just to be clear, I’m not at all one of John’s sycophants, who I have really come to detest in the past several weeks. I’ve done what little I can to maintain both civility and reason over there, but it’s been extremely difficult… not least due to my own lack of mastery of certain ideas and language. But there has been excellent strong commentary in those threads from people like you, Kynn, Dana Beyer, Zoe Brain, et al, and I’m content to have supplied what I could.

  2. translegalhistorian says:

    I didn’t think you were one of the sycophants. That’s why I did my best to single out that one portion of your comment as gently as I could.

    Thank you for your thoughts and support.

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