The Ugly is in the Fix

Deb Price on Black Wednesday II – though, needless to say, as someone who will benefit from Barney’s ENDA, she isn’t quite willing to call the vote what it is.

The vote on Wednesday was stuffed with surprises — who could have imagined a lawmaker explaining “gaydar” on the House floor? — lessons and tears. One disappointment — that transgender people were not included — is a reminder of the hard work ahead.

Years of lies and deception by HRC and its Capitol Hill minions that wrought Black Wednesday II = “One disappointment.”

Yeh – that’s the ticket.  But, then, Deb isn’t the one who will be on the short end of that “One disappointment.”

Interestingly, one of the people mentioned in this ‘snapshot of the day’ that she’ll “cherish” will will be on the short end of that “One disappointment.”

‘The beauty is in the mix’: That eloquent description by Pelosi of what makes her hometown of San Francisco special was the real message of the day. Rep. Susan Davis of California told a sweet story about a male-to-female transgender landscape architect, while Rep. Jay Inslee of Washington talked of Dave Kopay, his “boyhood hero,” who helped the University of Washington Huskies reach the 1964 Rose Bowl, went on to play pro ball with such teams as the Detroit Lions and Washington Redskins, then came out as gay.

Care to guess who?

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