More High Quality Journalism (or the Lack Thereof) at the Advocate

This is only indirectly related to ENDA.  But, in light of the dubious items published by the Shamvocate on ENDA (hell, even Lame Crain snarks at it for its cozy relationship with HRC when it came to “that HRC poll”), I thought I’d pass it along.  It comes from Brynn Craffey at Bilerico and concerns what appears to be sloppy ‘journalism’ at the Shamvocate on the matter of civil unions in Ireland…

or lack thereof.

I don’t usually read the Advocate, online or otherwise, but an Irish friend alerted me to this article, saying. “It’s just pure laziness since, if they bothered to ask anyone in Ireland, they would know that the government has been promising civil partnership forever, and then conveniently forgetting about it.”

Honestly – I wonder how many college-level journalism classes use the Shamvocate for an endless examples of what not to do in the field of journalism?

Or the field of (wait for it) advocacy?

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