HRC Now More Trans-Free Than Ever

From Queer Channel Media:

Two transgender members of the Human Rights Campaign quit Tuesday, saying the group’s support of an employment nondiscrimination bill that excluded transgender workers put them “in an untenable position.”

Jamison Green and Donna Rose’s resignations from the Human Rights Campaign’s business council are effective immediately, according to a joint letter.

“Considering recent broken promises, the lack of credibility that HRC has with the transgender community at large, and HRC’s apparent lack of commitment to healing the breach it has caused, we find it impossible to maintain an effective working relationship with the organization,” they said.

Ya think?

Autumn Sandeen at Pam’s House Blend has the full text of the resignation letter as well as some thoughts of her own – and, not surprisingly, there are some comments too.  From Zoe:

“On November 8, the day after the ENDA vote in the House of Representatives, we requested an opportunity to meet personally with HRC President Joe Solmonese to share our concerns and to discuss HRC’s strategy for addressing recent legislative shortcomings before making a decision to stay or go. As the only transgender representatives on the Business Council our community expects us to have some influence, or at least to receive the courtesy of a consultation. Almost 3 weeks have passed since that request and we have heard nothing in response. This lack of response speaks volumes, so we feel compelled to take this stand today.”

You don’t do that to equals. You certainly don’t do that to the people who might have a chance of defusing the situation, not unless they’re just supposed to be “token n… trannies”. This must be heartbreaking for them, walking away from the one part of the HRC that was actually doing some good, and that they were making a real contribution to, a big part of their lives. But the cost of remaining was too high.

I’m still looking for the hue and cry from the community over something else that is not done to equals: freezing us out of of any real opportunity for substantive employment at the Scampaign.  In all candor, I’ve never understood why anyone – much less the still-startling-to-me numbers of trans people who drank the purple-n-yellow kool-aid – would believe than an organization that refuses to treat us as equals in their own hiring practices could ever be trusted to lobby or advocate in any way for any form of civil rights for trans people.

One Response to HRC Now More Trans-Free Than Ever

  1. I never drank the kool-aid. I prefer diet Coke. But I don’t prefer diet ENDA.

    Anyone who was alive and lobbying in the 1990s for the T community knows that this
    sort of thing is nothing new for HRC. What is new is the deceit with which it has been done. In the 1990s, they did us, when confronted admitted they’d done us, and told
    us they’d do us again. They were, at least, honest about their transphobia then. Now,
    they lie, like Solmonese did at Southern Comfort.

    HRC’s lying must never be forgotten. “Solmonese Lied!” should become the T community’s “Remember The Alamo”.

    The problem is this: without HRC’s acquiescence, we can’t be included in ENDA.
    We have 2 community lobbying organizations, neither of which is funded or staffed properly, and one of which is tainted by its past close ties to HRC. To be included,
    HRC will have to be shown that it can’t achieve its goals without achieving ours. That
    means the T community is going to have to show HRC that we can hurt them – cutting their income by interference with their gala dinners is an obvious one, as would be
    backlobbying their efforts in the Senate to pass the trash ENDA.

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