The Exception That Proves The Rule (Because, in Part, Its no Exception)

I’ve had plenty of nasty things to say here about The John and his neo-Frankist blog – all justified.

Having said that, this is still America (unless something altering that reality was slipped into one of the coke-snorting, draft-dodging, treason-mongering rich brat’s signing statements – which, sadly, is a very real possibility.)  The John has had a few posts recently about his blog apparently being blacked out at some Marriott hotels.

You’ll recall that yesterday we found out that a Marriott hotel in New Jersey was banning AMERICAblog from its business center computers because our site has used the word “lesbian” in our reporting on gay issues. I just got from the following note from a reader alleging that we’re banned in other Marriott hotels as well:

John, I stay at the Marriott Fairfield Inn, downtown Chicago and the Marriott Courtyard Inn downtown Chicago about once a month. They always have Americablog blocked. I was in Concord N.H. last month at a Hampton Inn, and they had Americablog blocked as well, I believe they are part of the Hilton network of hotels. Just thought you would wan’t to know.

This is the kind of issue GLAAD and the Human Rights Campaign should be jumping on. It’s not just about AMERICAblog, it’s about every Web site on the Internet that ever mentions gays and lesbians.








See – even when I’m trying to be nice to The John – about what certainly seems to be a very valid complaint that, if true, is indeed something that the entire GLBT community (I can’t say I stay at Marriotts all the time, but I do occasionally) should be concerned about – he forces me yet again to remind everyone who and what he really is. 

Now, I sincerely would hate to find out that there’s a trans person at Marriott who is doing this because of The John’s transphobia and shillery for St. Barney and the Rhode Island Avenue Cesspool.  That would be bad for everyone (including the Marriott Corporation as, I’m guessing, it would open the corporation up to civil rights complaints in at least NJ and IL.)

However, I think that people of The John’s ilk have yet to realize the anger that they’ve stoked among those who have been shit on more thoroughly and consistently than someone such as The John could ever comprehend in his worst nightmares.

I’m just sayin’.

Having ‘just said’ that, we probably should be pulling for The John on this one.

2 Responses to The Exception That Proves The Rule (Because, in Part, Its no Exception)

  1. NG says:

    Don’t play the violin too loudly for John; not so long ago, when other bloggers were being threatened with censorship for their views, controversial as they may be, he couldn’t give a damn.

  2. Kathy says:

    Just because they’re blocking John doesn’t mean its due to the word lesbian being screened out. They just may find him offensive. I’d have to hear people checking out lesbian blogs from a Marriot to confirm that. And Marriot might just want to start with more acceptable lgbt voices first and introduce ones that they have nothing in common with at a later date, when it’s not so controveral.

    Mind you – I support his free speech rights.

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