The Master (Revisionist) Narrative Continueth

From Queer Channel Media:

 Only one state permits gay marriage. Four others have enacted civil unions, including New Jersey, Vermont, Connecticut and New Hampshire. California, Oregon, Maine, Washington and Washington, D.C., have enacted domestic partnership laws that extend some rights of marriage, such as hospital visitation to gay couples. And Hawaii offers limited rights to gay couples. Twenty-six states now have constitutional amendments limiting marriage to heterosexual couples; another 19 states have codified straight-only marriage in state law. In addition, same-sex couples are barred from adopting children in Florida, Mississippi and Utah; an adoption ban effort is currently underway in Arkansas.

Yes, the gay rights movement has progressed quickly, but so much work lies ahead.

If you’re lucky enough to be welcome at your family home this holiday season, clip this out and take it with you. Help make sure gay allies understand the discrimination we face.

Indeed, there is a lot to be angry about.

Yes – including the fact that Queer Channel Media couldn’t be bothered to mention how many states statutorily recognize the reality of transsexualism.

A gay-primacy master narrative for the movement just wouldn’t function as well if the highest positive number was pro-trans, now would it?

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