Barney Frank: Die, You Worthless Trannies

Okay, those weren’t his exact words.  But, as Rebecca Juro reports over at Bilerico, they might as well have been.

No trans-inclusive ENDA, even with a Democrat in the White House. The rights of the poor and disenfrancised minorities sold out once again by Congressional Democrats on the altar of political convenience, this time two years in advance. They’re not going to bother to even try to do the right thing by gender-variant Americans anymore.

How does Becky know that there will not even be an attempt at a non-transphobic ENDA even in 2009?

Well, St. Barney of Fuck the Trannies was on the Scampaign’s slick propaganda vehicle, The Agenda, back on Monday.  Becky has the entirety of the choice quote transcribed, but here’s the money shot:

[B]y the end of 2009 the Employment Non-Discrimination Law will become law. It will be illegal to discriminate based on sexual orientation anywhere in the country. A hate crimes law including protection for people who are transgender will have passed. And we will be, at that point, well on our way to try to extend this to people who are transgender and to getting rid of the ban of gays in the military.


Trannies in ENDA?

You jest? 

Becky asks – sarcastirhetorically – if anyone is surprised.

Sadly, you know that some will be – as they’re giving $35.00 gift cards to Joe Solmonese and the non-trans folks of privilege on Rhode Island Avenue.

2 Responses to Barney Frank: Die, You Worthless Trannies

  1. Bridget of Bleecker Street says:

    Welcome to the Coffee House and Lesbian Bookstore of Bridget Lynch, Irish ex-patriate living on Bleecker Street in the Village. Trinity College drop-out, Southside Dubliner, and “paythroon iv th’ arts;” she has something to say about everything.

    Maura Hennessey

    Bridget of Bleecker Street
    On ENDA

    On a recent autumn afternoon I turned onto Bleecker and walked down the well worn steps to the coffee house and bookstore of the Philosopher-Queen of the Village for a much needed “cuppa” after a long day at work. That familiar Southside accent greeted my ears as I pushed open the door at the bottom of the steps leading to my badly needed java. “ENDA….’tis the enda, all right, th’ enda fair treatment t’all but gay stockbrokers in suits. Bloody gobshites posin’ as straights, votin’ Raypublican gits priticted, an’ the werkin’ Lesbeen gits tossered t’ th’ wolves.”
    Peasant blouse, broom skirt and red hair were flying in a self-created wind as she streaked from around the counter to bring me a strong brew in one of her famous shamrock mugs.

    “Tis like the Numberberger Laws in Germany, b’fore the Holly-cast, M’reen.
    They’re gonna protect the “good gays and Lesbeens” th’ ones who don’ look gay or Lesbeen nor act gay and Lesbeen. Th’ ones who be hidin b’hind their clothes in them closets. An’ Bernie Franks tis gonna say th’t he helped us when he skelped us.”

    She had the attention of the entire shop, with people moving gingerly from behind the bookshelves to watch the red hair firebrand in rare she hopped up to sit next to her register to pontificate and point her finger accusingly at the room in general.
    “Dhey excluded nearly all t’ Lesbeens and gays, since failin t’ observe geender steerreo-types be unpriticted by th’ new an’ disproved ENDA, which, t’ me thinkin’, has bin more emasculated t’en Bernie Franks tis guessin’ by his heroic stand here fer civil rights fer anyone else b’t him an’ th’ priv’ledged fewer.”

    I sat finally, placed my cup on the Triskelle coaster, and listened to the Sermon on the Counter

    “There tis more colours in the Rainbow Flag thin jist the red of Log Cabinit Raypublicans, M’reen. An’ whin the Dimmycrats say dhey cannot be suppairtin’ us widhout sacrificin’ most iv us, thin tis time t’ be marchin’ an’ protestin’ agin. An’ twas th’ Trannies th’t first stood up fer th’ rest iof us.”

    “But now, we’ve gotta be tossin’ dhem trannies off th’ sleigh t’ git our rights; they bein’ no use to the pollyticians ‘cept when dhey be catchin’ police clubs wit’ their heads fightin’ our cause. An’ not just dhem, but th’ butches, and most of the Lesbeens an’ gay men ‘cept maybe Ellen, M’lissa an’ Bernie Franks and the gay stockbrokers an’ maybe a few iv dhem high femme Lesbeen ackydemic writers th’t hate iv’ryone ‘cept high femme ackydemic Lesbeen writers, like German Greer, or th’ gay versions like Dale Carpentry.”

    “Whin a man th’t embarressed th’ rest of us by shackin’ up with a hustler an’ demandin’ th’ right t’do so can be tellin’ th’ rest of us t’ trust his judgement an’ foller his leadership, tis time t’ be takin a good look at who we bin lettin’ lead us, and maybe re-thinkin’ an’ re-votin’, ’cause it be re-voltin’.”

    She paused; I took another sip of a coffee that was far cooler than her temper and meekly spoke up, asking her what she thought the solution was.

    “Well, M’reen, tis like this. First of all, we’ve gotten to be gettin’ Bernie out of th’ Congress, ’cause th’ Congresses lissen t’ him whin he says what th’ Congresses tell him t’ say. We need Tammy Baldwin as th’ L-G-Bay-T spokes-Lesbeen ’cause she follows th’ rev’lutionary concept of speakin’ f’r th’ payple she speaks f’r. Th’n we gotter be gittin’ a Butch Lesbeen ilicted in Provincetown t’ suppairt Tammy in th’ Congresses. ‘Tis no use gettin’ rights that dhey tell us cost the rights of a few an’ actually cost th’ rights of th’ many. Remember th’t th’ Devil asked God t’ make th’ battle iv good an’ evil more equal, so he created lawyers an’ pollyticians to even the odds, an’ in th’ Congresses the pollyticians are us’ally lawyers, so when dhey say ’tisn’t gonna be happinin’, ’twill happen. An it be happenin’ t’ us, not dhem.”

  2. […] without the initials?) – which really leaves me wondering where those people were in 2007 at ENDA time and where they will be when the next attempt is made by non-trans LGBs to make sure that those […]

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