The Disconnect in Action

Over at Bilerico, Michael Crawford posted an item linking to  – and praising – a video clip by HRC’s HRC about preventing youth suicide.  This is his title to his post:

Hillary Clinton Talks About Preventing LGBT Youth Suicide

And, Crawford intros it like this:

Hillary Clinton took out some time to answer some questions from young voters sent in via email, Twitter, Facebook etc. including a question about preventing suicide among LGBT youth. The question and Clinton’s answer comes about 3:22 into the clip.

Well, HRC’s HRC does talk about youth suicide.  And, there are voices on the video which enumerate GLBT youth suicide.  HRC’s HRC, however, only says gay youth suicide.

However, as I commented:

“a question about preventing suicide among LGBT youth”

The *question* was about LGBT suicide.

The *answer* from HRC’s HRC only used the word “gay.”

And then there was the inserted clip from the guy who yammered about how well HRC’s HRC understands and works for LGBT people.

I heard no *T* (or B) from Hillary.

Crawford responded:

The solicitation of questions is part of Clinton’s outreach to young voters. That’s why Emily Hawkins, director of youth outreach for the Clinton campaign, was asking the questions.

Even if Clinton did not use “LGBT,” the person asking the question did.

Its a clip promoting Clinton’s candidacy, so “the guy who yammered about how well HRC’s HRC understands and works for LGBT people” fits.

So, what’s your point?

Well, my point is that HRC’s HRC is running for president.  Presumably, the person who asked the question is not – a point that, while seemingly lost on Crawford, was not lost on Becky Juro:

And I doubt you ever will, Kat. We just don’t represent enough money or votes to be on Clinton’s radar, nor will we ever.

Just take a look at her campaign staff, including Barney Frank, and her LGBT steering committee, with 3/4 of the HRC Executive Board, and you know the kind of “LGBT” politics she favors.

A trans woman saw the problem.  A gay man did not.

The disconnect continues.

One Response to The Disconnect in Action

  1. Kynn says:

    If someone asked “what can we do to prevent suicides among people of color?” and the answer only talked about black suicides, it would be pretty obvious. But for some reason, trans teenagers are invisible. 😦

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