The John’s Magic Disappearing Post

January 29, 2008

I commented on the ENDAblog post about John Aravosis’s right-wing rant about poor people getting “our wealth” to ask where I could find the rant, since the original seems to be gone.

Turns out that John took it down. Here’s Mahatma X Files with the sordid tale:

Unfortunately, I guess Aravosis became both unhappy with the negative feedback that he received in mass quantities, so he killed off the original post (thus decoupling it from the 500+ comments it had received), reposted, got yet another set of negative feedback (which he subsequently censored heavily), and then deleted the post altogether. Like Sir Robin, he “bravely ran away.”

Aravosis was awarded “Wanker of the Day (Twice)” by James, and was also blasted by Liza at Feminist Bloggers Network, KayInMaine at White Noise Insanity, The Editors at, calipygian at DailyKos, zuzu at Feministe, Andrew at Air Pollution, and others.

Poor John just couldn’t take it. As zuzu wrote, “boo friggin’ hoo!”

Pinko Punko at 3 Bulls has more of John’s comment wankery.

Low Tidings Indeed.

January 29, 2008

H/T to Alec Baldwin – writing at Huff Post – for this.  According to him, its real (published in a right-wing rag in his neck of the woods.)



There’s a full ‘column’ to go with that (Baldwin also gives the low-down on the ‘person’ responsible for it.)

This only makes me want Obama to win it all more than before – just so crypto-fascists like the author of that thing can spend eight years sweating – knowing that not even their precious skin color and more-precious penises can save them from modernity.

Lame Crain’s Marriage Rights Are More Important Than Our (And Even His) Ability to Avoid Living Under a Bridge

January 26, 2008

From Lame Crain:

There’s been no effort by HRC or other gay lobby groups to pressure the leading Democrats into greater specifics about federal recognition of gay relationships; not surprising because HRC clings to employment non-discrimination and hate crimes as the items of first importance on “the gay agenda.”

Oh, I dunnow Chris.  Might it be – and I know I am going out on a limb by importing any sane motive to actions of the Scampaign – that someone over at the Rhode Island Avenue Cesspool of Transphobia has determined that the 2008 elections will yield better results if voters go to the polls pissed off about the economy instead of ‘dem queers tryin’ to dee-stroy marriage?

Ever averse to logic and reality, Crain goes on:

HRC will stick to the ENDA-hate crimes schtick because that’s what the Democratic Party leadership has agreed to, even though the divisive battle over transgender inclusion made clear that workplace rights have lost their appeal as the easiest form of gay civil rights to enact.

Damn Chris, they must grow some heavy duty dope down in whatever part of South America you’re hanging out in these days.

Let’s do some quick multi-layered comparison:

  • States that legislatively recognize gender transition: 25
  • States with gay rights statutes: 21
  • States with trans-inclusive gay rights statutes: 13
  • States with either gay marriage or civil unions: 5
  • States where either came legislatively: 4
  • States where either came legislatively and without a judicial mandate: 2
  • States with gay marriage: 1
  • States where gay marriage came legislatively: 0

And what exactly is Lame Crain relying on to determine that recognition of gay marriage / civil unions has ceased to be the most difficult form of gay civil rights to enact?

The nonscientific Vizu poll on this blog and Gay News Watch only confirms what most gay folk would tell you: legal recognition for our relationships (cited by 57.1% percent) and equal health benefits (10.7% percent) are far more important to gay voters than workplace rights and hate crimes, which taken together were only cited by one quarter of those taking part in the survey.

Most gay folk?

Don’t you mean ‘most gay folk who take you and your web ravings seriously’?  And ‘most gay folk who don’t check the facts behind your self-serving bullshit’?

The Disconnect in Action

January 25, 2008

Over at Bilerico, Michael Crawford posted an item linking to  – and praising – a video clip by HRC’s HRC about preventing youth suicide.  This is his title to his post:

Hillary Clinton Talks About Preventing LGBT Youth Suicide

And, Crawford intros it like this:

Hillary Clinton took out some time to answer some questions from young voters sent in via email, Twitter, Facebook etc. including a question about preventing suicide among LGBT youth. The question and Clinton’s answer comes about 3:22 into the clip.

Well, HRC’s HRC does talk about youth suicide.  And, there are voices on the video which enumerate GLBT youth suicide.  HRC’s HRC, however, only says gay youth suicide.

However, as I commented:

“a question about preventing suicide among LGBT youth”

The *question* was about LGBT suicide.

The *answer* from HRC’s HRC only used the word “gay.”

And then there was the inserted clip from the guy who yammered about how well HRC’s HRC understands and works for LGBT people.

I heard no *T* (or B) from Hillary.

Crawford responded:

The solicitation of questions is part of Clinton’s outreach to young voters. That’s why Emily Hawkins, director of youth outreach for the Clinton campaign, was asking the questions.

Even if Clinton did not use “LGBT,” the person asking the question did.

Its a clip promoting Clinton’s candidacy, so “the guy who yammered about how well HRC’s HRC understands and works for LGBT people” fits.

So, what’s your point?

Well, my point is that HRC’s HRC is running for president.  Presumably, the person who asked the question is not – a point that, while seemingly lost on Crawford, was not lost on Becky Juro:

And I doubt you ever will, Kat. We just don’t represent enough money or votes to be on Clinton’s radar, nor will we ever.

Just take a look at her campaign staff, including Barney Frank, and her LGBT steering committee, with 3/4 of the HRC Executive Board, and you know the kind of “LGBT” politics she favors.

A trans woman saw the problem.  A gay man did not.

The disconnect continues.

News Flash: The Scampaign’s Communications Director Thinks The Scampaign is Just Nifty

January 24, 2008

From Queer Channel Media (naturally):

To the Editors: Re: “HRC supports the GLB, but not always the T” (letter to the editor from Mekah Gordon, Jan. 18)

Dr. Mekah Gordon claims that the Human Rights Campaign is unconcerned with the plight of the transgender community. In fact, HRC has proven its commitment to full equality for the entire gay, lesbian, bisexual and transgender community through the organization’s work on a variety of topics.

Per, definition of “fact“: (1) something that actually exists; reality; truth; (2) something known to exist or to have happened; (3) a truth known by actual experience or observation; something known to be true ….

HRC’s Workplace Project has worked with the nation’s corporate leaders to encourage employer policies that not only refuse to discriminate against transgender workers, but that educate and raise awareness of the unique issues they face. The 2008 Corporate Equality Index reported a whopping 46 percent increase in the number of businesses that prohibit discrimination based on gender identity and expression — the largest increase ever in one year.

HRC’s Religion and Faith Program has brought together a coalition of faith leaders from all 50 states united in their support for fully inclusive anti-discrimination and hate crimes legislation.

A new Family Project initiative called “All Children-All Families” is working to make adoption and foster care systems more understanding of and hospitable to GLBT families. And our Coming Out Project has released, in collaboration with the leading transgender advocacy groups, numerous publications including a coming out as transgender guide and a toolkit for transitioning in the workplace. 

The truth is that HRC has been, and continues to be, a major voice for all members of the GLBT community.

I guess I just got all the wrong schoolin’.  After all, I was heretofore unaware that blatant lying and years of political subversion by the Scampaign – things that are known to have happened – could somewhow constitute being a voice for those being lied to and subverted.

And, I thought that the definition of “major” was something like this: “greater in size, extent, or importance.”

How can people like Brad Luna sleep at night? 

Did he go to Dr. Schrang’s evil twin and have Ethics Reassignment Surgery?  Or, perhaps, merely an Ethicsectomy?

Inquiring minds – of people who aren’t included in ENDA – want to know.

Something Else That The John is Divorced From Reality About

January 24, 2008

Namely – The Dubya Bribes, Part II. 

According to The John:

 The Dems just gave away your stimulus check.

Uh huh.

(cue the Dead Kennedys’ ‘Kill the Poor’)

BTW – The emphasis is mine.  If that doesn’t forever telegraphs who his constituency is, then this should.

According to AP, congressional leaders have reached a deal on those economic stimulus checks. And rather than being geared towards helping the economy, they’re apparently geared towards redistributing wealth (that would be our wealth) to the poor.

Families with children would receive an additional $300 per child, subject to an overall cap of perhaps $1,200, according to a senior House aide who outlined the deal on condition of anonymity in advance of formal adoption of the whole package. Rebates would go to people earning below a certain income cap, likely individuals earning $75,000 or less and couples with incomes of $150,000 or less.

That means that if you make $75,000 or more a year, no check for you. Forget that fact that you live in NYC or DC or San Francisco, where prices from property to food are outrageous.


We’re supposed to feel sorry for people making over 75K (which, from the tone of your I’m-craftily-trying-to-sound-like-a-reasonable-progressive-but-I’m-really-a-greedy-republishill whine – you did whine ‘our wealth’ after all – would appear to include you)?  Perhaps even supposed to have some empathy for you?  When you imply – with the force and subtlety of a shit-covered sledgehammer – that yuppies/guppies such as yourself are better suited to stimulate the economy than people who may not see 75K over the course of 3-5 years?

Go stimulate yourself on the streets of DC in the back seat of a red sports car – and then get thee to a Barney Frankery.

If you’re whining about life in DC or SF or NY, then why don’t you get the fuck away from big-coast-city life and go out and live in that Middle America whose purity of non-progressive essence you and your ilk like to invoke whenever (you think) it suits an anti-trans-inclusion argument?

I didn’t think it would be possible to find The John any more disgusting than I already did – but, unlike most in his world, I can admit when I’m wrong.

Foreman Sez ‘Buh-Bye’ to NGLTF

January 23, 2008

From Bilerico:

 Just in… Bilerico Project contributor and National Gay and Lesbian Task Force executive director, Matt Foreman, will step down in April to lead the Gay & Lesbian Program at the Evelyn & Walter Haas, Jr. Fund. Foreman has led the Task Force for five years and helped propel the organization to national prominence as an outspoken and unwavering advocate of lesbian, gay, bisexual and transgender (LGBT) rights.

But, how effective was he really?  And how effective can he ever really be anywhere at anything? As head of NGLTF, he was often decried by gay transphobes as a hypocrite for advocating at the national level what he refused to do at the state (N.Y.) level: the only legitimate position on trans-inclusion – namely, trans-inclusion incivil rights legislation.  Its one of the few sub-points on which one has to agree with the gay transphobes in order to maintain any modicum of intellectual honesty.

Now the question becomes: Will any real trans person receive any real opportunity to ascend to the position he is vacating?

Alan Acosta, Task Force board co-chair, said a national search would begin immediately to find Foreman’s successor. Foreman will work with his senior executive staff in the interim to ensure a smooth transition to new leadership.

“We are blessed to have an extraordinarily strong and deep management team,” Acosta said.

How many of them will even consider putting their purportedly-trans-inclusive money where their collective mouth is when it comes to hiring Foreman’s replacement? 

In your heart, all of you know what the answer is.