There’s a Reason I Say “HRC’s HRC”

From Michael Petrelis:

Given that former HRC executive director Elizabeth Birch campaigned for Clinton in New Hampshire this year, and powerhouse HRC board member Hilary Rosen, former head of the Recording Industry Association of America, has endorsed and donated to Clinton, and a high number of other leaders of the group have followed Birch and Rosen’s example, it’s easy to see why HRC, the group, is seen as being in candidate HRC’s pocket.

David M. Smith, the organization’s vice president of programs, including their enormous communications department, recently contributed the maximum allowable donation for the primary race — $2,300 — to Senator Clinton.

The Smith donation to Clinton is one more piece of evidence, in my eyes, that HRC is a group that very much would like to see her win the nomination.
There’s nothing wrong with a gay advocacy organization and the staffers supporting their favored candidate for the White House. I simply wish HRC would come out of the closet about being Hillary Clinton backers.

I dunnow…

If a guy has sex with other guys in the middle of the street or in front of everyone imaginable, can said guy really be viewed as being in the closet?

I’m just askin’….

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