Mart-Vader Exposed!

Vanessa Edwards Foster over at Trans Political has the poop on Wal-Mart’s corporate poop – and presumably some dirty legal laundry – becoming something of an open book.

Or, more accurately, an open video.

It seems as though the video production outfit that Wal-Mart had been using to videotape corporate events for three decades suddently found itself no longer needed by Mart-Vader – which, immediately found itself reminded that, for three decades, all of that videotaping had been going on under the auspices of an oral contract, with no provisions for limitations on the right of the production outfit to use (read: market for its own profit) those videos.

It what lives evilly by capitalism will die by capitalism, no?  (Seriously, though…Whatever your opinion is of Wal-Mart, Sam Walton was no dummy.  How on earth could he allow such an arrangement without something in writing?  And how could it have taken thirty years for someone at Wal-Mart to do something about what clearly was a ticking timebomb?)

Vanessa provides a series of links on the matter.

The MSNBC item (actually a CNBC report) is quite extensive on the background of the dispute and includes the footage that is irking Vanessa, and is likely irking a lot of other trans people.

After reading the news today, I’m about as livid as I can be. Good CORPORATE citizens Wal-Mart demonstrated their corporate sensitivity by engaging in some good-ol-boy humor for their cigar-chompin’ company muckety-mucks during their company meetings. They did so by using that one last American object-of-derision – the transgendered person in drag – as their fodder for yucks and hilarity! Take a gander at these!

I have to assume that, at some point, the video of the execs parading around in drag will be used against the corporation as proof of a hostile environment for trans employees.

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