No Uncertainty Needed (or Warranted)

Over at Bilerico, Becky Juro has a rather salient – and, IMHO, rather calm – post about the Scampaign.  Here is a highlight:

[H]ow is it that after all these years of claiming to represent gender-variant Americans and our interests in Washington, this organization still needs to hold trainings to educate its own membership on transgender and gender-variant issues? How is it possible, or even rational, that such an organization, which is clearly incapable of even getting its own membership up to speed on these issues, could be relied upon to advocate these issues to the United States Congress? The obvious answer is that they can’t, not by any reasonable stretch, and anyone who tries to claim otherwise is either lying or or clueless.

Who could seriously argue with that?

Unfortunately, Nancy Nangeroni decided to in the comments to the piece.

I fail to see how this attack does anything to further dialogue or progress. It’s all too easy to attack a person or group for their failings; actually doing something constructive to move us forward is more challenging.

And, as if to prove to the world just how much kool-aid she’s downed, she tacked on this doozy:

HRC has made tremendous progress since my first experience with them, when Shannon Minter and I did a presentation on trans-inclusion for a combined board meeting over 10 years ago.

Such as?

Completely abandoning all fear about the degree to which they can lie to our faces and get away with it?

Maybe using some suped-up, newfangled MIT engineerin’ calculatin’ thingamajig you can work out that calculus to equal ‘progress,’ but this simple ol’ lawyer gal who lives in the real world (and doesn’t use scientific notation or the Heisenberg Principle except when trying to figure out how I’ll pay back my student loans) sees it as exactly the opposite.


And for anyone who thinks I’m being harsh to Nancy, take a gander at what Monica Roberts had to say about it:

HRC has shown as much improvement in terms of transgender inclusion as the LA Clippers have in becoming a consistent NBA playoff team and title contender.

Now that’s harsh.

And earned.

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