Send Andrew Sullivan a Bottle of Whine

GOP (Gay Obnoxious Putz) Andrew Sullivan on Barack Obama’s refusal to commit political suicide:

Marriage is the one issue where Obama is still politically afraid, intellectually vacuous, and a moral coward.

This is the civil rights movement of our time. Whatever happened to the fierce urgency of now?


It wooks wike wittew Andwew’s not wiking him some incwementawism when he’s the incwement weft behind.

Even better is how Sullivan begins that blog entry:

Jonathan Martin makes a point:

Because Obama is not where the far left wants him to be (marriage) and McCain not where the far right wants him to be (a federal ban), this is not something either will probably make front and center.

I see his point but I still bristle at the notion of marriage rights being a “far left” position.

Not that I actually disagree with Sullivan, but, let’s consider him as being the source.  There’s only one appropriate reaction:   Waaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaahhhhhhhhhhhhhhhh!

Well, guess what, you conservative gay elitist nincompoop – transsexuals out there weren’t too thrilled about having our ability to obtain legitimate employment being ridiculed by people of your ilk as a far left position – and worse.

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