And Every Beneficiary of These Can Still Discriminate Against Trans People at Will

From Queer Channel Media:

Despite the objections of some religious leaders, Maryland Gov. Martin O’Malley has signed into law two bills that grant gays hospitalization rights and tax breaks.

Signed by O’Malley on Thursday, the laws become effective July 1.

The Health Care Facility Visitation & Medical Decisions law grants gay Marylanders the right to visit a partner in the hospital and make certain medical decisions for them. It passed the Senate 30-17 and the House 88-46.

Another law, which adds domestic partners to a list of blood and legal relatives that are exempted from recordation and transfer taxes, passed the Senate 26-21 and the House 86-47.

Yet trans people in Maryland can still be shut out of the legitimate economy which allows people to accumulate the wealth that such a law benefits.

More thanks to Free State Just Us.

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