Bailey Brouhaha NWSA Panel Post-Post-Mortem [UPDATED]

[UPDATED – 11/20/09: The links to the audio files have been updated.  All episodes of I’d Rather Be a Trans Flake Than a Trans Fake will eventually be available at TransLegalHistory, but as of right now only the Bailey Brouhaha ones are there – and only via this link.]

OK – it took me a while, but I have the audio from the June 21st Bailey Brouhaha panel from the 2008 National Women’s Studies Association Conference.

As a favor to my buddy Ethan St. Pierre, for whom I haven’t produced any episodes of I’d Rather be a Trans Flake than a Trans Fake in a while, I divided the audio in two and made two episodes of my podcast out of it.

Episode 91 – which is part one of the panel

Episode 92 – which is part two of the panel

Part one contains Joelle Ruby Ryan introducing the panel and the purpose thereof; following Joelle is Elise Hendrick’s presentation.

Part two contains my presentation, then Andrea James’ presentation and then a few questions from the audience.  I tried enhancing the audio from the questioners as much as I could, but it still leaves a bit to be desired.

The audio files are 32Kbps.  I’m still playing around with getting audio files up on this site.  Once I get a better handle on it I’ll try to put up some higher quality files.  Andrea (with help from Lynn Conway) videotaped the panel, but I don’t know if that has made it onto the net yet.)

2 Responses to Bailey Brouhaha NWSA Panel Post-Post-Mortem [UPDATED]

  1. Hey, thanks for doing this Kat! I can’t wait to listen.
    I will also grab them and post ’em to TransFM next week.

  2. […] she’ll probably start to fret a bit – because it will take some doing to blame this on Andrea James, Deirdre McCloskey, Lynn Conway, Joelle Ruby Ryan or me. Northwestern University, fielding a torrent of criticism after a professor allowed students to […]

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