Signorile on the Protest

Michelangelo Signorile has an item on the SF HRC protest – and the allegations of thuggery inside the ‘gala.  A basic report (I’m sure when more develops, he’ll be on it), but most interesting right now is a comment to the item, from Josh:

I stopped going to those dinners years ago, and asked the HRC to stop contacting me and to remove my name from their database, but of course they continue to solicit me, so I guess I am one of their lifetime members because I made a donation 8 years ago. I despise what the HRC has become.

I have a colleague who is well known in Houston circles, perennially a “table captain” at those gala events, and yet will not support domestic partner benefits at my company because he “cannot justify it economically”, as a manager.

For me, he typifies the HRC: “Republicans”, in that they represent only for the issues important to their elite group.

Now – a comment to an item over at Bilerico about the incident.  Rod speaketh:

Here is an idea…instead of spending the time protesting and blogging against HRC, why doesn’t the trans community do something effective with all of that energy…hire your own lobbyist to work WITH HRC on the hill. Or is it just easier to complain and protest, without having to do the hard work?

And Frank echoeth:

maybe they should consider spendin their times more wisely and any how all i see are the same people blogging all the times; must be a depressing group of people

Yep, HRC and its apologists hates them some internets.  At zillion dollar gatherings of self-important elitists, the self-important elitits can control the message.


Not so much.

Personally, I couldn’t think of a more depressing group of people to be around than those who not only buy what the Scampaign is selling but who work to advance – even merely by commenting on blogs – its agenda of toxic blandness, mandatory hubris and absolute allegiance to the false ideology of ‘incremental progress.’

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