[UPDATED – 8/19/08]

The following is a link to a press release from the APA about gender identity stuff.  For purposes of this post, the specifics aren’t important.

APA resolves to play leading role in improving treatment for gender-variant people

Now look at the header info:

Contact: Kim I. Mills
American Psychological Association

Last year, the APA named Mills associate executive director of public and member communications.

Before joining APA, Mills spent two years as director of communications and public affairs at Whitman-Walker Clinic, the largest HIV/AIDS service provider in the D.C. metro area. In that post, she helped steer the clinic through a financial crisis that led to the launch of a new business strategy. Before that, Mills was the first education director for the Human Rights Campaign, the largest national lesbian, gay, bisexual and transgender advocacy organization. During eight years at HRC, Mills was a key spokesperson for the organization and oversaw HRC’s highly successful workplace advocacy program, its award-winning web site, magazine, the National Coming Out Project and the family project, among other responsibilities.

Earlier in her career, Mills spent 14 years as a reporter and supervisor at The Associated Press….

Now, lets look at the opening line of an article that Mills authored in 1994 (specifically, as it appeared in the Feb. 14, 1994, edition of the Wisconsin State Journal) whilst working for the Associated Press:

The gay community has long allowed other sexual outcasts to ride its coattails, from transvestites and transsexuals to bisexuals and leather fetishists. But it is now trying to distance itself from pedophiles.

That’s the attitudinal inclination that the Rhode Island Avenue Cesspool of Transphobia thought was proper for an ‘education director.’ 

See why I constantly question not simply the amount and type of ‘education’ that the Scampaign claims to have done regarding trans issues over the last decade-plus, but whether any ‘education’ actually took place at all?

And that’s the alumna-cum-tentacle that the Scampaign has in the APA right now as it determines what the next edition of the DSM has to say about us.

Sleep well.


As is noted in the comments, I was linking the DSM to the wrong APA.  The DSM is the American Psychiatric Association’s thing, not the American Psychological Association’s.

Mea screw-up-a.

Of course, as the commenter notes, there is significant cross-pollenation between the two.  And, look at the list of life forms that constitutes the ‘Task Force’ that HRC-alumna Mills is plugging:

Task force members:
Chair: Margaret Schneider, PhD, University of Toronto, Canada;
Walter O. Bockting, PhD, University of Minnesota Medical School;
Randall D. Ehrbar, PsyD; New Leaf Services Our Community, San Francisco;
Anne A. Lawrence, MD, PhD, Seattle; Katherine Rachlin, PhD, New York;
Kenneth J. Zucker, PhD, Centre for Addiction and Mental Health, Toronto, Canada

Remember: Mills was a mouthpiece for the Scampaign during its period of particularly virulent political transphobia, often masked by fluffy aspirations of “ending discrimination based on gender identity,” just like this ‘Task Force’ implores psychological professionals to do.

This APA could send a signal that its serious by getting rid of those in its employ (and ‘force’) who are known and recognized as harmful influences to transsexuals and all trans people.

4 Responses to Tentacles

  1. Kathy says:

    Are you sure those aren’t heads?

    The Second Labour of Heracles

    Herakles und die Hydra (c. 1475) by Antonio Pollaiuolo (Galleria degli Uffizi)Upon reaching the swamp near Lake Lerna, where the Hydra dwelt, Heracles covered his mouth and nose with a cloth to protect himself from the poisonous fumes and fired flaming arrows into its lair, the spring of Amymone, to draw it out. He then confronted it, wielding a harvesting sickle in some early vase-paintings; Ruck and Staples (p. 170) have pointed out that the chthonic creature’s reaction was botanical: upon cutting off each of its heads he found that two grew back, an expression of the hopelessness of such a struggle for any but the hero, Hercules.

    The details of the confrontation are explicit in Apollodorus (2.5.2): realising that he could not defeat the Hydra in this way, Hercules called on his nephew Iolaus for help. His nephew then came upon the idea (possibly inspired by Athena) of using a burning firebrand to scorch the neck stumps after decapitation, and handed him the blazing brand. Hercules cut off each head and Iolaus burned the open stump leaving the Hydra dead; its one immortal head Hercules placed under a great rock on the sacred way between Lerna and Elaius (Kerenyi1959 p 144), and dipped his arrows in the Hydra’s poisonous blood, and so his second task was complete. The alternative to this is that after cutting off one head he dipped his sword in it and used its venom to burn each head so it couldn’t grow back.


  2. Radha Smith, MSW says:

    It’s an easy mistake to make, especially since there is so much “cross-pollination” among the membership. But, this APA that hoired Ms. Mills is the “Psychological” association.

    The DSM is compiled by the “Psychiatric” association. Same acronyms, different, somewhat, organizations.

    Otherwise a good find and one that appears to tell a richer story than that the org itself would put out.

  3. translegalhistorian says:

    Thanks for pointing that out.

  4. […] positions to make employment decisions who have the mentality of Janice Raymond, Bev Jo Von Dohre, Kim Mills, and a certain disreputable cis female Maryland lawyer isn’t worth What Used to be The […]

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