Make the Meme Stick: Palin Has an Edifice Complex

From NotionsCapital, analysis showing that Sarah Palin’s path to the Alaska governor’s hut has something in common with the building where she’ll officially be given a position that no honest, rational person can assert that she deserves or has done anything to earn (She’s qualifed?  The best qualified?.  That’s what I recall the christianist party saying about Clarence Thomas.)  Back in 2002, Nahm Coleman rode into the U.S. Senate not only on the assassination of Paul Wellstone but also on the Excel Energy Center itself – and, of course, as his completely-used daughter whined in commercials – the hockey team its home to, a team that her daddy promised to bring to St. Paul just like he promises to bring her ice cream.

The perfect executive experience to balance the Republican Presidential ticket: the mayor of a town of 5500, with 1979 occupied housing units, who couldn’t even get that right.

The legacy Mayor Sarah Palin left Wasilla, Alaska: the Wasilla Multi-Use Sports Complex, with an NHL-size ice arena, an indoor artificial turf court, and millions of dollars in debts and hundreds of thousands more in lawsuit expenses.

Mayor Sarah Palin bungled the land acquisition, had to pay legal bills for a heavy-handed attempt to “eminent-domain” the property (aren’t Republicans supposed to be for property rights?), and ended up paying $1.7 million for land that Wasilla could have bought for $125,000.

The $14.7 million sports facility is partally financed by a raise in sales taxes.

As NotionsCapital asks regarding Gov. Collagen Palin:

An elderly heartbeat away from the Presidency of the United States of America?

If it does happen, I think I’m finally outta here.

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