OK – Aravosis Actually Has an Interesting Post About Palin

The John has an interesting post calculating that Palin’s first child may have been conceived out-of-wedlock.

Yes, its something that shouldn’t matter – but when the Gov. Collagen Palin in question is someone who believe that the government has the right to criminalize not only pre-marital sex but pretty much everything else even remotely related to human sexuality, it does matter.

Granted, by The John’s calculations it may have been a month pre-marital – and that assumes the average gestation period.  But, according to the official narrative, her youngest child (the one with Down Syndrome) is a preemie, which, if its true, at least lends credence to the possibility that she may have had another preemie.

But is it true?

Is there more to this – not as to the oldest child, but the youngest one and the next-to-oldest one?

I’m going to post in full two comments to The John’s piece simply because I haven’t seen anything elsewhere about this (though the commenters indicate there is at least some other chatter about it.)  Here is the first one:

I find it curious that not only this blog, but all of the other significant liberal blogs, have either downplayed or outright censored the story of Sarah Palin’s coverup of her daughter’s pregnancy. This is an obvious set of lies. There is NO WAY that Sarah Palin is the mother of Trig Palin.

Just look at the story: A 44-year-old woman is pregnant with her fifth child, who she knows will be born with Down Syndrome. In her eighth month, she flies to a business meeting via commercially scheduled airlines. While at the meeting, her water breaks.

She stays at the meeting, and delivers a half-hour speech. Then she goes to the airport, and makes a trip from Texas to Alaska, involving more than seven hours of flights and one airport layover, for a total of more than nine hours. When she gets to Anchorage, where does this woman, who is a high-risk pregnancy by any definition you can imagine, go?

To the best and closest local hospital? Nope. She has her husband drive her another 45 minutes to some backwoods community hospital, where she delivers a 6 pound, 2 ounce child a month premature.

Come on, John. I realize that you’re not familiar with childbirth and the mechanics, or at least I don’t think you are. Neither am I. So, just to be sure, I went and asked some of my female friends who are. Every single one of them said that story is a crock. Yet, neither AmericaBlog, nor DailyKos, nor HuffingtonPost, etc., will talk much about this. When they do, the discussion is buried.

I find this phenomenal. Talk about being divorced from the public. The circumstances of Trig Palin’s birth has been a fertile ground for gossip and speculation in Alaska since the moment it was announced. John, you were an aide to Ted Stevens. Did they keep you in a cage in Washington, or did you ever go to Alaska? Did you make any connection there? If you did, you’d know what I’m talking about.

So tell me, why is this topic so suddenly taboo on the websites of the left?

Not taboo here.  I’m kinda ashamed of myself that I hadn’t heard it until I wandered over to Americablog.

Now, here’s another comment:

I read this story on several sites now and I’m really torn about it. I don’t want to be like one of those idiots that reads the moronic rumors about Obama and blindly believes them. This could be something like that.

HOWEVER… there are some really interesting things surrounding that last child. So far, no one has produced a photo of Sarah Palin where she is really physically showing. The photos of her at the 6-month point really don’t show any sign of pregnancy. Her oldest daughter was out of school for 4 to 5 months with a supposed severe case of mono that just happened to last through the pregnancy. Palin didn’t actually announce the pregnancy until the 7th month, but how the heck could she hide such a thing especially since she’s normally a slender woman?

Now if any of this gets debunked or someone can produce a picture of a very pregnant Sarah Palin during her last pregnancy, I’ll dismiss these rumors as nonsense. But until then, something just sounds a bit fishy….

Conspiracy theory? 

Well, I’ve always been a bit angry over the ability to dismiss virtually anything by simply calling it a ‘conspiracy theory.’

The word ‘conspiracy’ exists for a reason.

The criminal charge of conspiracy exists for a reason.

Yet another Americablog commenter points to a photo on the Anchorage Daily News website that the commenter says was taken “6 or so weeks” before the youngest child was born, followed by a question as to “who looks 7+ months pregnant.”

Well, if the child was a preemie, then Sarah Palin wouldn’t have been 7+ months along; she would have been something less than that (how much? I haven’t heard how premature the child was; still – do the math.)  As for the daughter who may actually have been pregnant:

wow, Palin does NoT appear preggers,

Kinda hard to tell with the vest.  Of course, she does have that same, singular collagen-botox expression that I’ve seen in every image of her thus far.

but that teen girl of hers—yes, that’s a bloated uterus!!!

And on young girls, pregnancy doesn’t show as much, so this would be realistic… But why wouldn’t she cover up with a big fluffy sweater?

I’m sure there’s not much to do in Wasilla, other than screw around!

As for Palin’s fertility, she’s obviously quite able, BUT at age 44 when she’s devoted to her ambitions? Odd.

Odd indeed (though, IMHO, not as odd as why anyone would name a child Trig.  Were there too many Algebras in the village already?)  Still – are you paying attention, MSM?

3 Responses to OK – Aravosis Actually Has an Interesting Post About Palin

  1. Half Sigma says:

    The photo was taken in November or December 2006, the daughter is just chubby. But that neither proves nor disproves anything.

    The story about Sarah getting on an airplane after her water broke and flying from Texas to Alaska is fake and I don’t believe it happened that way.

  2. translegalhistorian says:

    Dec. 2006?? If so, then that certainly blows the pic out of the water as evidence of anything – though, as you say, it doesn’t actively disprove anything either.


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