Palin’s Definitely Pa-Lyin’

From Crooks and Liars:

What does it say about Sarah Palin that in her first big appearance before a national audience – her introduction as McCain’s running mate – she decided to flat out lie about her accomplishments?

I told Congress – I told Congress, “Thanks, but no thanks,” on that bridge to nowhere.

Sarah, Sarah, collagen’s on fire!

When told that Congress had stripped funding for the bridge, she said she was still in favor of Congressional assistance for that and other Alaskan projects.

Read the entire bit from C&L.  If you had anything other than utter contempt for her, her plastic face and her plastic family prior to reading it, that will change once you do.

2 Responses to Palin’s Definitely Pa-Lyin’

  1. Kathy says:

    But she kept the money. To use at her own discretion, without oversight. Yep – nothing to see here, move along – not!

    I’m also a bit pissed that they stole the name from the original “Bridge to Nowhere”. Which was at Stony Brook. Not only did it go nowhere – it was too low for the buses to go underneath. So – they had to excavate under the bridge a bit to them get through. Good Times!

    In about 1967 the Bridge to Nowhere was built. It was supposed to connect the Library and the Student Union but it turned out that when the addition to the Library was built, the plans had been reversed 180 degrees. Consequently, the bridge would have connected in between floors. For many years it just stopped and went nowhere. It became a symbol of the things that had gone wrong at Stony Brook. At some point, to get away from that negative image, the Bridge was extended to connect to Staller and around the Library to the Plaza. But years and years of neglect left it in such a state of disrepair it made more sense to tear it down than try to fix it. So another part of Stony Brook history – like the changing logos – is now just a memory.

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