What The Republicans Want Us To Think They’re Not Capable Of

From the Swamp, a Chicago Tribune blog:

Conservative radio commentator Rush Limbaugh boosted Alaska Gov. Sarah Palin’s pro-life position and mocked Barack Obama on his radio show yesterday with a make-believe riff in which Obama asked Palin “When you found out your baby would be born with Down syndrome, did you consider killing it before or after the due date?”

Limbaugh’s “humor” caught the fancy of the Republican National Committee, which, in an internal e-mail, proposed using the bit in a YouTube clip.

The e-mail, which was sent to RNC Communications Director Danny Diaz, and mistakenly to a Tribune reporter, was titled “wow…good YouTube potential…”

If you don’t believe it, here’s the full e-mail (PDF).  According to Andrew Zajac, Palin

has been on Limbaugh’s radar screen in the veepstakes since February, when he noted that she was on the right side of the issues and “a babe” besides.

In a statement, an RNC spokesman said, “A staffer with separate responsibilities made a poor recommendation that was not heeded. The individual has been spoken to and this will not occur again.”

The staffer who wrote the message said the obvious — that it was sent to the wrong person — but otherwise declined to discuss it.

Diaz asked The Swamp not to post the message and said the RNC had not and would not act on the suggestion, but otherwise declined to talk about it on the record.

There’s a time to honor requests to disregard misdirected email, but this isn’t one of them.

Translation: They’re sorry they got caught.  Kudos to an MSM outlet for not playing along, instead offering the public “a good illustration of how campaigns really work,” one which “helps to explain why many people think the national political discourse is noxious.”

That’s an understatement.

BTW – since the drug-addled gasbag is on record as having a virtual hard-on for Gov. Collagen Palin, I think an investigation is in order to see where their itineraries have or even may have) crossed paths over the years.  As we all know, oxycontin isn’t the only drug that the gasbag has a fondness for.

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