Do Some Research, You Swastika-Addled Moron

Nope – I’m not violating Godwin’s Law.  I’m simply spotlighting someone who did – and who clearly has some other serious issues to boot.

From RSSBinghamton, which is billed as “A blog about politics, business, faith and life in and around Greater Binghamton, NY”:

A Binghamton City Councilman (Sean Massey, pictured right), from the district I moved from when I left Binghamton, is proposing legislation that would re-label screwballs as “normal” inside the city limits. The headline in today’s Press & Sun-Bulletin says this: City councilman proposed panel on human rights: Commission would fight discrimination. Sounds so wholesome and warm and fuzzy, doesn’t it? Here’s how the article begins:

BINGHAMTON – Adopting a child, using a public restroom, even obtaining a passport can be more difficult for people who don’t present themselves as their born gender.

Despite state laws banning discrimination based on sex, gender, race and religion, there are no such protections for transgender New Yorkers.

A Binghamton councilman is looking to change that for residents of his city.

“This community prides itself on being fair and just,” said Sean Massey, D-5th District, “and if there are people that are being left out of that, then we need to provide them with protections.”

The council is considering a comprehensive human rights law, guarding residents against discrimination in employment, housing, credit, education and public accommodations. The law would add protections for transgender residents, who are not mentioned in state or federal anti-discrimination laws. So far, similar laws have been passed in New York City, Albany, Rochester, Ithaca, Buffalo, Suffolk County and Tompkins County.

The Binghamton Human Rights Act also would create a city human rights commission, which would oversee discrimination cases.

This new so-called human rights commission (let’s call it what it is: the transgender gestapo) would unconstitutionally be empowered to hear cases and make binding decisions with the full power of a court.

Even without looking at the specific proposal, I feel comfortable in assuming that there would be a right of appeal from any decision of  such administrative panel.

Now, here’s what this clown bragged about leaving as a comment on a newspaper’s website:

No longer is wrong wrong and right right. Now the most extreme perversions are relabled as a “rights” and “choices”. And if you disagree with said rights? They’re going to “refer aggrieved parties to the proper state and federal agencies.” Translation: They’ll throw you in jail if you dare to disagree with them. Welcome to the Obamanation. And get used to it.

My take: If you’re a MAN, go to the gents. If you’re a WOMAN, go to the ladies room. And if you’re so screwed up you don’t know what you are: DON’T ADOPT a kid and screw them up too.

Yo, dude.  How do you feel about the adopting of children by people who are so screwed up that they believe literally in books of mythology?  In exorcisms?  In the casting-out of alleged-witches?  That being found to have violated state ethics laws means that you have been vindicated? Something tells me that you wouldn’t have any problem with Barbie McMooseShit adopting a kid.

Oh, but we haven’t yet come across Jimbo’s inability to grasp history:

Think this kind of garbage will only happen in “the liberal northeast”? When/if Obama is elected, this kind of extreme social engineering will spread over the entire country as these vermin come out of the woodwork.

Yo, dude – the first such city ordinance and the first such state law emerged in the nice, (allegedly-)christian Midwest.

And both can be attributed to a Republican – a Republican who, in 2008, is supporting Obama.

Oh – and lets not forget that other states that now have such laws include those evil secular humanist strongholds of Colorado, New Mexico and Iowa.

Jimbo, get thee to a Barbie McMooseShittery.

3 Responses to Do Some Research, You Swastika-Addled Moron

  1. Lisa Harney says:

    You know how wanting civil rights for ourselves is exactly like krisstalnacht?

    Yeah, I didn’t either.

  2. Mykell says:

    Only in the liberal northeast could a MIDWESTERNER get elected. Hmmm…

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