That Sound You Just Heard Was Me Being Buried After Having Died Laughing

Self-parody doesn’t begin to describe the Rhode Island Avenue Cesspool of Transphobia.  But, I’ll cut Jim Burroway at BTB some slack:

As angry protests continue to erupt across California in the wake of Prop 8’s passage, our so-called leaders at the “Human Rights Champagne” is ready to mix it up with — get this — spa night:

HRC invites you to an evening of pampering and relaxation while you sip wine, snack on appetizers, and mingle with friends! We are proud to partner with Nickel Spa on this evening spa event.

…Note: There is a 50 person maximum for this event, you must be on the list to attend! Receiving a service is not required to attend. 20% of proceeds from spa services to benefit the Human Rights Campaign.

The HRC’s tepid response to ballot measures is now 0-30, their accomplishments on Capital Hill are minuscule — they are in serious danger of becoming completely irrelevant. With this, they are now reduced to self-parody. It’s like they’re not even trying anymore.

Oh, they’re trying alright – but the question needs to be asked: What are they trying to do?  How many people who have a platform to be heard will actually ask it?

Methinks the time has now come to remove the modifier ‘of Transphobia’ from my description of the Scampaign – though I think that will promt angry letters to me from the CADL: the Cesspool Anti-Defamation League.

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