The Time Has Come for HRC to Cease to Exist

From Queer Channel Media:

HRC gives Obama timetable for pro-gay initiatives

Yes, that’s right.  Pee Wee Solmonese is issuing demands to the incoming President.

Yes, that’s right.  That would be the same incoming President that the Scampaign, er…, practically all of the Scampaign’s funders and sycophants did not want to win the Democratic nomination.

Now, I’m generally not all that hot on relying on the expertise of MSNBC’s Chuck Todd, but I caught him today remarking that there is not exactly a lack of coincidence in the Scampaign’s favoring of Hilary Clinton and the current appearing-to-not-give-a-damn-what-the-gay-community-thinks on the part of the Obama Transition Team regarding Right Wing Rick Warren’s place at the inauguration.  (I apologize for not having a link; I caught it live and I haven’t seen the text of it pop up online yet) He didn’t say it in these exact words, but anyone with more brain cells than HRC has male-to-female employees could understand it: The LGB(T) community has HRC to thank for Rick Warren being invited to give the invocation at Barack Obama’s inauguration.

And this is the organization that is now making these sorts of demands?

Human Rights Campaign President Joe Solmonese has set a timetable for President-elect Barack Obama to take action on certain gay-related initiatives.

The petition detailing the timetable comes days after gay activists criticized Obama for selecting Rick Warren, a pastor who was a strong proponent of Proposition 8 in California, to give an invocation at the inauguration festivities on Jan. 20.

“The Presidential Inaugural Committee may not change their minds on Rev. Warren,” Solmonese said, “but President-elect Obama can turn the corner on this controversy by officially committing to … a concrete plan for LGBT equality.”

Solmonese called the plan “HRC’s Blueprint for Positive Change.”

Initiatives that Solmonese urged Obama to take on in the timetable include:

• Issuing an executive order within the first 100 days of his administration to reaffirm protections for federal workers based on sexual orientation while expanding them to include gender identity.

• Working with Congress to enact hate crimes legislation within 6 months.

• Developing a plan within 100 days to begin the process of repealing the “Don’t Ask, Don’t Tell” law, which prohibits openly gay people from serving in the military.

Solmonese also urged Obama to with work Congress to end unequal tax treatment of domestic partnerships benefits and to enact an employment non-discrimination law that includes transgender protections, but the HRC president did give not give the president-elect a timeline to approve this legislation.

The only HRC “Blueprint for Positive Change” that would benefit LGBT Americans would be a blueprint that begins with HRC’s articles of dissolution and ends with all of the organization’s internal records being opened to inspection by the people that the organization has dishonestly claimed to represent for the last three decades.

One Response to The Time Has Come for HRC to Cease to Exist

  1. queerunity says:

    I think Joe S. has gotta go, he is the worst representative for the queer community

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