That Smell You Smell is Rancid Redux

From Queer Channel Media:

[O]n the docket for gay activists is a version of the Employment Non-Discrimination Act that would bar discrimination based on sexual orientation and gender identity.

Like the hate crimes legislation, Frank is expected to introduce the House version of ENDA and Kennedy is expected to introduce the Senate version. In the last session of Congress, the House approved a gay-only version of ENDA, but the Senate took no action on the legislation.

[Becky Dansky, federal legislative director for the National Gay & Lesbian Task Force] said she expects ENDA to be introduced in the spring and passed by Congress this fall, although she said the Senate would wait to see what House does with ENDA before acting on it. Frank also predicted Congress would approve ENDA in the fall.

Dansky said she didn’t know whether hearings would happen with ENDA and that activists are “not talking about them at this point.”

Frank, who two years ago was criticized for advancing the gay-only ENDA, said the “key question” is whether lawmakers “have the votes for a fully inclusive bill.”

Ruh roh! Haven’t we been here before?

“We introduced it without checking, frankly,” he said. “We assumed we had it. We didn’t have it.”

He said efforts toward passing ENDA would be helped by the addition of 21 more Democrats in Congress.

“That’s not 21 more votes for transgender-inclusive [legislation], but it’s at least a dozen, which helps,” he said.

There’s the bustle in your hedging, folks.   Now, instead of getting 20 more Dems in the House as being necessesary, its specific types of Dems that count.

But wait…

Here comes the money shot:

“And then plus the various coalitions, including transgender groups are doing what wasn’t done previously, which is lobbying member by member.”

Once an asshole, still an asshole. 

You know – there’s a shitload of  trans people who have done lobbying ‘member by member’ in the past, only to be undercut by certain gays and lesbians who have no use for trans-inclusion. 

And I hope that some of those trans people cause you to get very familiar with Hutchinson v. Proxmire

Dansky said “education on the grassroots level” would be key to informing members of Congress about the meaning of the gender identity language.

She said lawmakers are already “meeting trans people in their district or the families of trans individuals or allies … who are supportive of a trans-inclusive bill.”

And they’ve been meeting us for almost two decades.

But you’d never know that from listening to St. Barney and his apologists.

3 Responses to That Smell You Smell is Rancid Redux

  1. Oh Kat, you always make me grin from ear to ear.
    I just don’t understand why the TRUTH has yet to set us free.
    Perhaps it’s that we ALL need to see the truth before that happens.
    Only then can we take the reins of our own movement. I feel the tide
    a turning. ( -:

  2. libhomo says:

    An ironic aspect of this is that Barney Frank doesn’t care about any gay or lesbian person either, with the exception of Barney Frank.

  3. translegalhistorian says:

    As I’ve long said: You can’t polish a turd.

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