And All Who Get One Can Continue to Refuse to Hire Trans People

From the Honolulu Advertiser:

A majority in the state House has signed on to a bill that would legalize civil unions, giving the issue a genuine chance of advancing this session after years of stagnation.

And everyone who enters into one will continute to have the special right to refuse to hire transsexuals and other trans people.

“I think it’s just time,” said state House Majority Leader Blake Oshiro, D-33rd (‘Aiea, Halawa Valley, ‘Aiea Heights), who sponsored the bill. 

Well – that makes one of us.

Yes, Hawaii has enacted trans anti-discrimination law with respect to housing and public accommodation.  But if you can’t get a job, the only housing you can afford is a public accommodation: the underside of a bridge.

The words ‘same sex marriage’ and ‘civil union’ should not be uttered or even contemplated in any jurisdiction until all tranphobic gay-only civil rights laws therein have been rectified.

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