Hair That Not Even Donald Trump Could Love

peter_spriggAnd yet, (so-called) Family (so-called) Research Council’s Peter Sprigg wants to tell the Maryland Legislature to kill a bill that would rectify the political hate crime that was committed against trans people in 2001 – oddly enough not by christianists such as Sprigg, but by the self-appointed gay rights power structure of Maryland.

Of course, Sprigg displays all of the goodies from the christianist bag of tricks – many of which come to christianists from the second-hand store of bigotry.  From Sprigg’s actual testimony:

The most extreme application of the principle of “non-discrimination” based on “gender identity” would be to the use of gender-separated restrooms, locker rooms, and showers.  As currently written, this bill would legally protect the right of a person who is still biologically male (but who has adopted a female “gender identity”) to strip nude in front of women in a women’s locker room.

Thank you Barney Frank.

Let me conclude by referring you to the attached article by Dr. Paul McHugh, formerly psychiatrist-in-chief at the Johns Hopkins University Hospital.  It relates how a careful study of transgenderism led them to abandon the practice of performing sex change operations.  McHugh notes:

“We have wasted scientific and technical resources and damaged our professional credibility by collaborating with madness rather than trying to study, cure, and ultimately prevent it.”

Thank you Janice Raymond.

As a side note – I find it ironic that someone who is a slave to a collection of fairy tales is claiming the authority to speak as to who is afflicted with any form of madness. 

As a second side note – I find it a bit interesting that Sprigg would utter the following:

Peter added that “residents who believe it is better for men to remain men and women to remain women ought to have freedom to act on those beliefs, without facing stigma or punishment.”

Sounds to me as if The (Other) Peter is implicitly acknowledging that, indeed, men can become women and women can become men; he’s just shilling for christianists who don’t like that fact.

Sex is an objective biological reality, identified based on the pesence of external genitalia, internal sex organs, and chromosomes, which in the overwhelming majority of cases are consistent and unambiguous at birth.  It is simply foolish to treat this as a characteristic that can be changed at will.

Game over, Spriggy. 

If there’s an “overwhelming majority,” then there’s a tangible minority.

You’ve acknowledged the existence of intersexuality – meaning that you’ve just thrown out the infalibility of your book of fairy tales.  So, you’ve blown any case for christianists to complain about people moving from one category to the other; after all, you really expect anyone to believe that the christianists you claim to speak for would get any less christianisty about someone transitioning (or having transitioned) because of some condition that you, The High-n-Mighty (Other) Peter, says actually exists?

Spriggy – get thee to a Donald Trump-ery.

One Response to Hair That Not Even Donald Trump Could Love

  1. libhomo says:

    I’m so sick of these militant, Christian fundamentalists.

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