OK…When I’m Wrong, I’m Wrong

Not college students, but…


I shit you not.  Here are choice excerpts from the original piece in question:

The damage caused by the 19th amendment was slow in its destruction, but after almost 100 years we can now see how complete the destruction really was.

The result of the 19th amendment has been the ascension to power by the same kind of Marxists Ronald Reagen defeated from the Soviet Union. The weapon of destruction was not a nuclear warhead though, it was an emotional outburst that melted the brains of logic.

Of course, once the Freepers get hold of something like that, it only gets better – like lead-tainted back-yard-still-alcohol from diseased corn.

  • Neither the treasonous, impeached, bent-crank, violent rapist nor the MARXIST MUSLIM KENYAN would have been given the keys to the White House were it not for the Womyn vote
  • I agree about the 19th Amendment. Because women have the vote, we get idiots like Bill Clinton who “feels your pain” and Stuttering Barack Oteleprompter the pretty-boy descendant of slaveowners and muslim slavetraders.That said, I believe women should be allowed to run for office. A woman who can make it in a man’s world (ie, Golda Meir, Maggie Thatcher, Sarah Palin, etc.) is worthy of getting a man’s vote. Sounds hypocritical, but it’s no worse than Albore jetting around the world preaching to us about our carbon footprint.
  • My wife has always asked who she should vote for and I am always happy to give such advice and the reasons why. She is now reading Mark Levin’s new book. She rarely misses Rush or “The Great one” on radio. So, I am glad women have the vote because now I get to vote twice.

Leave it to the Freepers to sound even crazier when one of them technically defends the right to vote.

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