Also from the Scampaign’s Hack Story, statements about the verdict in the Zapata trial:

“We owe the jury a debt of gratitude for seeing through the shameful ‘trans panic’ defense which attempted to blame the victim for this heinous crime,” said HRC President Joe Solmonese.  “The murder of Angie Zapata, just 18-years-old, is a tragic reminder of the hate and ignorance that threatens the transgender community every day. While these cases are far too common, we applaud Weld County District Attorney Ken Buck and his office for pursing the hate crime in a case where the crime was clearly directed not just at the victim, but at an entire community.”

“As a transgender woman, I am grateful that Angie’s killer has been brought to justice. I hope that today’s verdict bring a degree of closure to Angie’s family, who were devastated that someone who was such an integral part of their lives is gone. The sheer brutality of Angie’s murder—the way her killer viewed her as less than human simply because of her gender identity and expression—highlights our community’s desperate need for hate crimes protection,” said Allyson Robinson, HRC Associate Director of Diversity.

OK – I’m sure most people won’t ‘go there’, but  I will. 

Someone has to.

If Joe Solmonese had gotten his way in 2007 regarding ENDA 3685 – namely, that it had gone on past the House and been approved by the Senate as well as by Dubya – if, in July 2008, Allen Andrade and Angie Zapata had crossed paths not via a social networking site but, lets say, in an employment situation – a situation not covered by Colorado state law but by federal law.  And, lets say, Andrade had the power to determine whether or not to hire Zapata – and openly declared that he didn’t want to employ a “thing” like her.  And, lets say, Zapata did not have a supportive family – and not getting that job was the difference between her being able to maintain a place to live and having to live on the street or under a bridge.  And, lets say…

Well, we all know where the story goes after that.

Joe Solmonese only got part of what he and his organization wanted in 2007.  And we should all be thankful that ENDA 3685, itself a “tragic reminder of the hate and ignorance that threatens the transgender community every day,” went no further than it did.  Because had it become law, we all know what would have become the next proiority – and what would not have.  Reality “highlights our community’s desperate need” for something other than another well-funded, well-heeled, slick campaign to convince trans people and their supporters that HRC is something other than what it really is.

Ironic, eh?  Considering that the Andrade defense was all about deception.

Trans people.

Good enough for HRC to use – but not good enough for HRC to actually want to protect.

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