“The People”? Or “Some People”?

Jennifer Roback Morse, in the National Catholic Register, whining about Varnum v. Brien:

By now, everyone knows that the Supreme Court of Iowa has imposed same-sex “marriage” on the heartland of America, a mere 10 years after the people of that state had expressly voted against it.



Some people voted against it – those people being those members of the Iowa Legislature who opposed same-sex marriage in 1998.  Per Varnum v. Brien:


The Iowa legislature amended the marriage statute in 1998 to define marriage as a union between only a man and a woman.


The people were not asked.  The legislature was asked.

Yes – the legislature is given the power to legislate for the people, but it, literally, is not the people.  For, if it was, then why aren’t you saying anything about ‘the people’ of Iowa saying yes to transsexualism in 1976?

Yes – where there should be crickets, the whining actually gets louder…

The case wasn’t a fair fight: It was more like David and Goliath without the benefit of divine intervention.

So, you’re admitting that your alleged god was not on your side on this one?  If he/she/it was not, then I’m curious.  Why not?

Or did you tip your hand to the fact that there really is no god – and that you and your ilk just don’t like gays and lesbians and are pissed off that you can’t use the government to persecute them the way you could in the ‘good old days’?

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