We Don’t Exist, Part 891,472,036

From the Las Vegas Sun:

The Senate has overridden the veto of Gov. Jim Gibbons on the controversial bill to provide certain legal rights to domestic partners.

But, of course, if the rights of either of the partners in such a relationship are in any way impacted by such mundane shit as, say, having a job and such partner happens to be transsexual or trans-anything, said partner is still SOL thanks to Marriage Derangement Syndrome.

There is no compromise on pushing toward same-sex marriage.   Gay rights-oids in Nevada easily could have stood up and said ‘we don’t want the legislature even to consider anything relationship-related until the atrocity of 1999’s gay-only rights law is rectified so as to allow trans people the right to be free from employment discrimination.’

They could have.

But that would have meant compromise on something they want.

You see, we are the only ones who are to be expected to compromise.  (But, I’m sure some will snidely ask, isn’t the notion of domestic partnerships a ‘compromise’ toward marriage?  Not when the state in question has a constitutional prohibition against same-sex marriage – one provoked by Marriage Derangement Syndrome througout the land and one which calls into question whether the state could, even if its Legislature wanted to, enact legislation recognizing the reality of transsexualism, legislation that its oh-so-liberal neighbor Utah has had on its books for almost three decades.)

That’s what official gay rights-oids mean by inclusion of trans people within the movement: we get to fork over our time, energy and money and our reward is being the compromise.

Rock on Nevada!  Woot!

Go to hell, Nevada – and take New Hampshire with you.

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