A Question for Marriage Derangement Syndrome Sufferers

If the Obama Administration stated in no uncertain terms that, of the DOMA repeal and public-option national healthcare,  it is only politically possible to achieve one during this congressional session (1) would you accept the administration’s position and, if so, (2) would you be willing to let the DOMA repeal slide in favor of public-option national healthcare?

If the answer to either question is ‘no,’ then why are you willing to sacrifice the health and well-being of hundreds of millions of Americans in favor of your personal interest in same-sex marriage?

And if you don’t anderstand the question at all, go back and look at whatever your position might have been on trans-inclusion in ENDA in 2007.  If you took the Aravosisistic position that holding out for trans-inclusion was sacrificing (a moving-goalpost number of) millions of gays and lesbians for the interests of (a diminutively moving-goalpost number of) trans people, then submit your photo to your friendly, neighborhood dictionary publisher…

for use as an illustration for the word “hypocrite.”

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