Advocating……But What?

Because I had never heard of South African runner Caster Semenya prior to the following item from the website of the ‘Advocate‘, I am forced to refrain from taking a position on the probability/possibility of anything regarding Caster’s sex.

Two things, though…

One: For some reason, when seeing the person’s name spelled out – particularly the surname – I’m being bombarded with memories of the SNL skit from immediately after the end of the Sex and the City TV series.  Cristina Aguilera portrayed Amanda and came out as being ‘a dude’ and wondered why no one had guessed – given that her name was Amanda.  Here, I’m simply noticing what the surname would be without the “ya.”

Two: A comment.

No – not from me, but from one of‘s legion of highbrow readers, presumably representative of the demographic it seeks.  Pam from Dallas declared:

no woman looks like that

Funny – with respect to the word “man,” I have a similar reaction when I see Perez Hilton.

One Response to Advocating……But What?

  1. Chris says:

    I feel bad for her because she probably has been mocked all her life. At least she can be finally do something that she can be proud of. Besides, why are they questioning her gender now after she won. If there was a problem, they should have checked her out discreetly before the race instead of embarrassing her after she won.

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