As Usual – If it Comes from the Scampaign, its Crap

From the Bay Area Reporter:

Current HRC President Joe Solmonese released a statement calling [Sen. Ted] Kennedy the “greatest champion and strongest voice for justice, fairness, and compassion.”

“The loss to our community is immeasurable,” he said. “There was no greater hero for advocates of LGBT equality than Senator Ted Kennedy.”


That is an assertion that is empirically, provably false. 

Even if one is willing to indulge all of the assumptions, presumptions, etc., about what Kennedy’s co-sponsorship of the legit ENDA S. 1584 actually meant or, as the bill moves forward this fall, could have meant – and for purposes of this posting, I’ll give Kennedy every benefit of every doubt on this issue and acknowledge that it could well be a bad thing that we will never know for sure how things would have played out with him as an active member of the Senate – Pee Wee’s statement is almost as divergent from the historical record as a statement from Kennedy himself claiming to have never been to Chappaquiddick would have been.

I’m not saying Kennedy was unbridled evil – even with respect to Chappaquiddick (again: even at worst, it was not murder); but that statement says plenty – and nothing good – about Pee Wee.

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