How I Accidentally Profited From Ted Kennedy’s Death


Back in the early 1970s, Topps bubblegum – of baseball card fame – put out a set of U.S. Presidents cards.  Likely (though I don’t know for sure) because the then-current number of presidents (37) didn’t fill out whatever size sheets of paper Topps prints cards on, the set had to be filled out with 1972 presidential contenders.

Well, with my niece moving in with us this summer, space in our house became more of a premium – so I got back into Ebay mode.  A week ago, I listed a handful of cards from that U.S. Presidents set – specifically, three of the 1972 contenders: Hubert Humphrey, John Lindsay and…



 Ted Kennedy.

For several days, there were no bids – even at $0.99.

Then Teddy died.

The three cards just sold…

for a whopping $0.99.

No – not much, but that’s considerably more than I paid for a full pack of the cards mumble-something years ago.

Now if I can just find the Shirley Chisholm card……..

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