Iowa 42 – Indiana 24

October 31, 2009



I know…

Few if any people who read this blog care about this.


Among my undergrad daze (at two different schools), law school days (which really don’t count; my law school didn’t have a football team) and doctorate-attemptin’ days, this is as close as I’ve come to being at a school that has a chance to run the table: nine up and nine down so far.

And, of course, it was yet another cardiac special:

IU-UI-02Granted, this is one of the least exciting photos you’re likely to see of it, this is the conclusion of Tyler Sash’s 86-yard return following the weird interception.


Back to your regularly scheduled politico-cynicism.

Too Weird…Period

October 30, 2009

What, you ask?  The numbers from a Pew survey as to which network is most ideological.

I’m sure you’ll be shocked as to which one won – going away.


I’m not sure I want to see the population sample of which 14 – or any – percent feels that Fox ‘News’ is too liberal.


CNN more liberal than MSNBC?  Maybe, I suppose, if the analysis is weighted to reflect the real Joe Scarborough – but still….

Too Arrogant to Exist

October 30, 2009

From the News & Observer, news of an insurance parasite company self-justifing replacement by a public healthcare system:

[M]any customers of Blue Cross and Blue Shield of North Carolina are ticked off at the mail they’ve received recently from the state’s largest insurer.First, they learned their rates will rise by an average of 11 percent next year.

Next, they opened a slick flier from the insurer urging them to send an enclosed pre-printed, postage-paid note to Sen. Kay Hagan denouncing what the company says is unfair competition that would be imposed by a government-backed insurance plan. The so-called public option is likely to be considered by Congress in the health-care overhaul debate.

“No matter what you call it, if the federal government intervenes in the private health insurance market, it’s a slippery slope to a single-payer system,” the BCBS flier read. “Who wants that?”

Plenty of people, it turns out.

Indignant Blue Cross customers have rebelled against the insurer’s message, complaining that their premium dollars have funded such a campaign.


The money shot:

Lew Borman, a Blue Cross spokesman, said he wasn’t sure how many people got the flier urging them to contact Hagan, but he said the mailing relied on voter registration records, not a customer list.

Since the company controls more than half of the state’s health insurance market, there was unavoidable overlap.

Yes, the insurance parasite company believes that that justifies handing the blood that it has sucked out of its victims back to said victims and telling them to use it to drown themselves.

And, of course, with senators like Joe LIEberman carrying the water of the insurance parasites companies, I’d go get a snorkel and learn to tread blood.

Doug Hoffman

October 29, 2009

Is it just me?

Hoff - 01

Or does Doug Hoffman – the Palin/Musgrave/Armey-endorsed non-Republican Conservative candidate in a special election next week for a New York congressional seat – look like what would have resulted if Arnold Horshack and Herman Munster had gotten together to produce a child – and then that child grew up to hook up with Ken Mehlman to produce a child?

Hoff - 02 - HHoff - 03 - M

Hoff - 03 - MMI’m just sayin’….

If Hoffman wins, I think John Kerry is going to have a fight on his hands for the title of Congressional Cryptkeeper.

Or, more likely, I think Jack Kingston will have a fight on his hands for the title of Male-who-Republican-fathers-would-be-least-likely-to-use-as-a-masculinity-role-model-for-their-sons-were-he-not-in-Congress-and-able-to-vote-against-ho-mo-seck-shuls.

Antecedents, Anyone?

October 29, 2009

From Amygdala, word that a church is going to hold an interesting event on Saturday: a bible-burning.  Apparently, everything other than the King James version is satanic – which, of course, leads me to ask: Does that include the 1500+ years of versions predating that one?

Amygdala has a bunch of interesting screen-captures of webpages that have miraculously disappeared.

Most worth the look, however, is this comment to the post:

I’ve always enjoyed the American Taliban. It’s like Jerry Springer on Survivor Island Dancing With the Rhythmless floating in a homemade balloon. With Krusty the Klown emceeing.

If Krusty is hopped up on Percodan, I’m in!

Perhaps Because You Are?

October 28, 2009

An excerpt from an interview with Alix Dobkin:

You’ve written a bit about transgenderism—most notably in your 2000 essay “The Emperor’s New Gender.” Is it true it’s gotten you in trouble with transmen?

God, yes. I’ve been called transphobic many times and received hate mail. I’ve been staying out of the controversy limelight. All I was doing was what’s called polemics, but people don’t understand anymore what that is. It’s like, Hello! Here’s my opinion! You have one? Great. Let’s hear it.

And yet, the transphobes, the ubertransphobes, the medico-eliminationists and their apologists get in a snit, appropriating false victimhood when we voice our opinion in retort, not only calling them out for what they are but actually disproving them.

Call me surprised…


Yes, you’ve been called transphobic many times – and you will be many more times.

And each iteration will be accurate.

And that’s not opinion; that’s fact.


October 26, 2009

and a question. Re:


That’s currently up over at the ‘gay’ side of The John’s AmericaBlog.

Now, I don’t have a problem with that analysis of The Blanche (or with the take on the situation over at Pam’s).

But I do have a question for the AmericaBlog crowd: Would you still be saying:

Weak. Very Weak.

It’s pathetic actually.

if her problem was only with gender identity and her vote was needed to get some version of ENDA in 2009 or 2010?

Yes – I’m sure its getting old to see people pointing out inconsistencies and hypocrisies.


Being excluded gets old too – but the feeling never quite goes away.