Antecedents, Anyone?

From Amygdala, word that a church is going to hold an interesting event on Saturday: a bible-burning.  Apparently, everything other than the King James version is satanic – which, of course, leads me to ask: Does that include the 1500+ years of versions predating that one?

Amygdala has a bunch of interesting screen-captures of webpages that have miraculously disappeared.

Most worth the look, however, is this comment to the post:

I’ve always enjoyed the American Taliban. It’s like Jerry Springer on Survivor Island Dancing With the Rhythmless floating in a homemade balloon. With Krusty the Klown emceeing.

If Krusty is hopped up on Percodan, I’m in!

One Response to Antecedents, Anyone?

  1. libhomo says:

    I left the oppression of Christianity at a young age, but even I know that Christians are not supposed to burn the Bible.

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