Congresscritters or Scampaigners? Hmmmm…Who to Believe? Who to Believe?

Rex Wockner on the House slow-down on ENDA:

Asked for comment on the delays and rewriting, HRC spokesman Trevor Thomas e-mailed the Advocate story and some links on HRC’s Web site that are older than the Advocate story. When asked for more information, Thomas accused this reporter of being out of touch with HRC’s ENDA-related efforts.

He later wrote: “After speaking with our legislative team I can tell you that the entire coalition is working closely with the (congressional) committee. It is our understanding that the legal issues the committee wants to address before markup will continue to keep ENDA on a parallel track with Title VII.”

A high-placed, longtime source alleged that the House “committee staff aren’t talking to HRC at all and HRC is in the dark about what’s going on.” Thomas said that is false “and I’ve reconfirmed we are talking with committee staff.”

Yes, there’s some not-so-funny business going on in Congress regarding ENDA, but that song-and-St. Vitus-dance by the Scampaign-oid only re-begs a long-standing question: Why does HRC even still exist?  That nonspeak is less substantive than the ‘statement’ issued by Tiger Woods about his ‘accident.’

And forget the gay-trans divide, an even bigger begged question is: What has that organization ever done for anyone who doesn’t collect a paycheck from it?

2 Responses to Congresscritters or Scampaigners? Hmmmm…Who to Believe? Who to Believe?

  1. libhomo says:

    It’s helped heterosexist politicians supported by wealthy donors. The Champaign Fund gives bigots like Bill Clinton a lot of political cover.

  2. Kathy says:

    “will keep enda on a parallel track with Title VII?”

    ah – we’re pushing for it to come to the floor around the first of parallel. well – that clears that up!

    isn’t the substance of the legal issues they’re looking is to limit enda so it differs from title VII in the scope of its coverage? so – why the linkage to the title IV ammendments?

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