When Analysis of Hypocritical Incrementalists Writes Itself

Currently on The John’s site, an excerpt from an e-mail to him from Robin Tyler:

Should we give up on fighting for marriage equality, because the Democratic Party has broken their word to us? Never.

No civil rights movement has ever said ‘give us less, and we will be satisfied.’

And yet, in 2007, that same Robin Tyler e-mailed to that same John demanding that trans people accept an ENDA that would protect people such as herself but not people such as themselves:

I support full transgender rights. However, when I have been invited to legal weddings of some of my transgender friends, not one of them has said “we will not get married until Diane and you and other same gender couples can get married”. They did not sacrifice their legal rights on the alter of political correctness to give up the State and Federal benefits of marriage.

And yet, with regard to ENDA, the lesbian and gay community is expected to do so, leaving millions and millions of us in the majority of States, once again, unprotected.

In one example, she is forced to accept less.

In the other, she gets what she wants and we are forced to accept a steaming pile of nothing.

One of them she is willing to accept.

One she is not.


I think I now have the punchline to my projectile vomiting joke: Robin Tyler.

One Response to When Analysis of Hypocritical Incrementalists Writes Itself

  1. Living in Alberta, where trans women have a harder time getting married than cis, straight or lesbian (I happen to be the latter,) I can tell you exactly where incrementalism ends. (It doesn’t.)

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