New Year’s Eve Semi-Plagiarism

Joe. My. God. is running a poll:

Who Was The Most Detestable Anti-Gay Douchebag Bigot Of 2009?

The candidates are all worthy, though I think I’ll be stuffing the ballot box for Carrie ‘Miss Masturbation’ Prejean.

In the spirit of New Year’s Eve plagiarism, however – and to give people a chance to voice their opinion on a question that neither JMG nor any other gay blog will ask – here’s my End 0′ 2009 poll:

  • Who was the most detestable gay/lesbian anti-trans douchebag of 2009?

The board is open.

Vote early.

Vote late.

Vote often.

Comment ’til yer ta-tas fall off.

One Response to New Year’s Eve Semi-Plagiarism

  1. Kathy says:

    Pawlenty has to be at or near true top of the list. He’s had decades of direct experience in seeing the sky didn’t fall when trans people are acccorded equality under the law, but is eager to support discrimination for personal political gain.

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