Stating the Obvious (But Necessarily So)

The Minneapolis Star-Tribune on The Paw That Would be Prez:

[W]hy would Pawlenty tell a national magazine during an interview about his presidential aspirations that he wants a law — a law that works and that he voted for — to be changed? Maybe he needs to bolster his name recognition with the intolerant wing of the religious right.

Ya think?

Pawlenty voted for that law in 1993 and it’s a vote he says he regrets. But one has to wonder: why is the law flawed? It has been on the books in Minnesota for 16 years — and a similar law has been in place in Minneapolis for more than 30 years. Neither law has caused much controversy and has likely helped protect the jobs of dedicated employees against ignorance and bias.

Ya think?


Me definitely thinks.

Minnesota: Far more progressive than either NGLTF or HRC.

The Paw:  Far more opportunistic than either Mitt Romney or Sarah Palin.

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